Community Mobbing – Cities conspiring to make me mentally ill  – Mobs Parking Cars in reverse to create mental illness

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Community Mobbing, Uncategorized
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When I was going to Starbucks in Encino, California. As I’ve stated on other posts, the mass groups of people that have been involved in a 30 year campaign to remove me from society got together using covert, subliminal, passive aggressive tactics all working together to make me mentally ill.

Details on the specifics and tactics can be read at as to all the details of these daily attacks for the last 30 years.

One day I decided to back my car backwards in the lot, and the result of this mass group telling me what I can and can’t do decided to in life disseminate that I have somehow wronged the community by parking my car backwards and is claiming I am somehow doing something to this mass group who is following me from place to place with world wide neighborhood watch groups collecting anything possible to use to create mental illness and get rid of me for what they deem as crimes, which they cannot tell me one thing I’ve done to anyone, because they know I will call their bluff and EXPOSE them ad lieing murderers. Which is really a group exercising the law in their own hands and trying to make me mentally ill and remove me from society.

After I parked my car backwards, everyone in the city has been told to copy me to make me mentally ill and end my life or remove me from society. If I go to one place, it’s done over and over for the rest of my life at that location.

Also, people are not just parking cars backwards, but using specific cars to create hidden messages. For example, a lot of them are Mercedes, related to the bullet hole which was put in my fathers Mercedes and pinned on telling the world I tried to kill my father.

A lot of them seem to be pickups, or Honda accords which my partner, Mike Huntley, drove to guilt me about Mike Huntley, who started a company with me to get me close to him to try to end my life with this mass 30 year endless mobbing.

These are all tactics to make me mentally ill to keep me quiet about what’s going on. Yesterday, 4/15/2013, I decided to drive around a get a few pictures to post to show the world what is really going on and what these people are doing to cover up a mass crime.

Normally people don’t park their cars backwards, but on occasion a few do. The areas around me, teams of people are told to work on me all day and night, claiming that I’ve wronged people by creating art, or making up any other excuse possible to smear my name and make me mentally ill to keep me quiet.

Now, I drove to a few parking lots around my house. I’m guessing about 7, in every lot I’d say about 10% of the cars were parked backwards, I took about 273 pictures in a couple of hours. I did not spend months waiting for incidences, and in a lot of these pictures 3 – 6 cars are parked. Probably approximating somewhere below 1000 cars. Which is not coincidence. This mass group is targeting me with cars, clothing, being told to mimic same sentences, you name it. Then make up lies that I’m crazy or imaging things. Even claims that I think differently then others to try to rid me of the world.

Below are the pictures showing what these people are doing to keep me quiet and end my life for finding out that these people, including my own brother are heavily involved in a mass MURDER campaign.

At first, I could not figure out why people did not want me having a camera, this also goes back in 1995 when I took a photography class in colorado, where on an assignment to do photoshoots, I went out to denver to do some shoots, and of course this information was collected that I was somehow doing something to people.

I can understand why this mass group would not want me taking pictures of people doing these types of things to make me mentally ill.

It also explains why officer Toro, approached me telling me if I ever take a picture of someone, he will “execute the law in his own way”

For details go to




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