Community Mobbing – Cities conspiring to make me mentally ill using clothing and color patterns

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I was hired at my company by an office Manager Named Lorena Escobar, which is really my fathers company

After finding out that my Business Partner, Mike Huntley, had ulterior motives to hunt me down and end my life, I was very sick and Lorena Approached me asking me if I would like to do their IT.

As I was working there, not knowing that Lorena, was actually working with Mike Huntley, in secret behind my back with a mass group to destroy me, I took the job.

I’ve know Lorena, maybe 20 years, not friends, but because she worked for my fathers company. I’ve also known Mike Huntley my entire life, and felt he could be trusted since I grew up with him not knowing what they were doing.

After I found out Mike was Hunting me down with the mass 30 year army and took the Job with Lorena Escobar, she told the entire office which was overhead by a friend that I was crazy.

She also told the entire office I was spying on them and trying to control them as well as take over the company.

When I started this new job on the side, I decided to pursue photography. And At one point, Lorena came to me asking to do a photoshoot. It seemed pretty harmless as I was getting into studio photography.

The serious I did with Lorena and others was color patterns. for example this is a shot with Lorena Escobar:


After I did this photoshoot, Lorena started making up lies that I was somehow doing something to her. But these lies, like all of the other ones were disseminated in secret to half the world.

After this, cities of people would either follow me from place to place wearing the same color patterns to create mental illness until I confessed to something.

For example, I might be in a Starbucks, and with in 1 hr 30 people would come in wearing a solid red shirt, and solid red pants. Things that are no longer coincidental.




At one point, entire cities were told to come out dressed in all black.

All Black 11_08_2012 All Black 11_08_20122 All Black 11_09_2012 All Black4 11_22_2012and then they would add Solid green shirt with solid black pants as a red head waitress at a restaurant named Bobbies,  kept asking me over and over if green was my favorite color, and why I’m always wearing green shirts, yet I never had one in their restaurant on.

Contact Contact2

Then of course, after this mass group found out that I liked Pink Floyed, they were all told to wear solid black pants, and a solid pink shirt


Contact2 Contact3 Contact4

Then of course, it escalated o solid Blue shirts with solid black pants all over the city, and on my way to work, as well as the employees at my work.


Contact2 Contact3

Now, a Normal person, or someone trying to make you look crazy would both say the same thing. Well, people wear these colors. And I agree, and I believe in coincidences.

But, being that in a half hr, I can go out in my car, either to the park, or get coffee, or drive to work, and that I can get 100 pictures in that time of lets say just solid black pants, and a solid blue top shows me what is going on.

I did not spend months getting these pics, and this is about 5% of the ones I’ve taken which don’t even come close to the actual number of people doing just this one tactic.

Also, If I go somewhere they don’t expect me to be, it’s not happening. Although they know me, and pretend they don’t. And if they feel wronged in any way, this group will then attack me their for some kind of sick demented punishment as If I don’t have civil rights like the rest of the world which the police seem to be supporting this.

there are just a couple of tactics this mass group is using to end my life which have been going on for over 30 years.

Of course I’m told this isn’t happening, and it’s all done in secret. Then people try to give me weird disinformation saying that this is how the entertainment industry is and I wasn’t meant for it, but refuse to admit that it’s going on.

So if this is how the entertainment industry is, collecting private information and using it to make people mentally ill, then they shouldn’t have a problem admitting it’s going on and that all these people know me from years of information dissemination around the world.

And yet these are the same people that after buying a camera, went ballistic on me before ever taking it out of the box which means they clearly have something to hide.

While Officer Toro followed me to the Encino Starbucks saying “if I ever take a picture of a person, he will execute the law in his own way”

You can get more detailed information at

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