Conglomerated Security Companies world wide working world wide to figure out how to remove me from society and mentally batter me quiet

Posted: October 17, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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I will expand more on this blog later.

But security companies, as well, as all sorts of other companies and people are being paid to hunt me down.

These videos show examples of what has been going on, for over 35 years, but especially after turning 29 and finding out all sorts of endless horrific things done to me my entire life
with mass world wide groups to rid me of the world.

These videos are daily types of events at public locations, especially with Coffee Shops world wide, and Largely with Starbucks funding most likely since some of the Death threats were black people working with Starbucks Corporate when telling them how I was being treated at their locations

These security companies have been following me around with mass groups upon leaving to go to College in Oregon, Transferring to Colorado, and back to California. With every lie known to man, like I am on the run for going to college for horrific crimes which do not exist

How do these people, and world wide people even know who I am, and how are they getting this information? these are important questions that need to be asked and addressed. Especially before any website existed at 29 years old when finding out.

These Vidoes show endless stalkings with mass groups and security companies following me from place to place trying to blackmail me and thug me quiet after me finding out at 29 years old that
my family, brother, all his friends, My friends, working with Police, Gov, FBI, NSA you name it to remove me from society.

Or like my fathers own X-Wife, and Limo Driver Dion Bush said. They are running around saying I am crazy and need to be locked away.

Yet of course, there is nothing I’ve ever done wrong. And if I had, I would have been arrested for it. Showing that this is really about what I found out and know starting at 29 years old which goes
all the way back somewhere between 5-9 years old.

The more I speak out, tell people world wide that they have been lied too. The angrier and more aggressive these people get. And you can see how their subtle passive aggressive, almost subliminal level terror tactics are not getting more aggressive into endless shouting and death threats.

“You had better accept what is going on, or things will get a lot worse for you” is an example of one black person following me from a studio city Starbucks to the local 7-11 threatening my life.

Yet they cannot address any specific, realistic issue of anything I have ever done wrong, especially with world wide support to remove me from society on their covert secret propaganda/terror systems, showing that I am the honest person in what is going on.

They will try to make up any excuse known to man to justify these terror/torture operations with  world wide support in hopes of getting reactions working with the police to remove me from society. And some of these excuses are as lame as, you tapped you foot by someone and are a troll and need to be hunted and killed, or I don’t like your shirt, or your car, or you didn’t sit perfectly straight at a coffee shop. But they cannot come up with a legitimate direct accusation,

And at this point the only legitimate accusaiton would be something like at 9 years old I built a bomb, put it in a football stadium, and blew up 100,000 people. Showing that for no reason other then government flagging. The government, FBI, NSA, started by an Angry  enraged jealous adolf hitler family, is hunting me down for no reason at all.

Violating my constitutional rights, 1st, 4th, and all sorts of other Amendments, abusing their power, for who knows what reason. But everything the world is told is lies, and me coming forward angers them more, calling me a whistle blower, for not wanting me to be hunted and killed by 35 year world wide all day and night 24/7 mobbings.

This shows proof of these illegal supported operations, of multiple security companies working togethor on a daily basis, no matter where I go world wide trying to thug me quiet. Trying to make it look like I am a nuisance or a problem, or whatever lies they can create and disseminate world wide for basically extermination.

Allied Universal security company Paid by Starbucks following me place to place world wide trying to thug me quiet this one followed me from woodland hills all the way up to Oxnard

ADT Security Following me to Studio City Starbucks to try to thug, blackmail terrorize me quiet about what I know and working with all the other security companies world wide.

Ones I know are invovled for sure and had problems with, like usual, for doing nothing wrong but the crime breathing

ADT Security –
Boyd & Assocaites –
Allied Universal –
Golden West Security –
Security Specialists –

LAPD – Audio of Officer Dinse admitting they have seen my websites and showing Negligence for refusing to stop the crimes with the LAPD

Blog – Illegal arrest for Distribution on Vehicles –

LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –

LAPD  setup attempts and Arrests case re-opened for more intimidation –

One of the endless Woodland Hills Neighbors trying to set me up with these mass gorups and going ballistic when she couldn’t get her way, also right before Officer Dinse’s False arrest

There operations they are trying to coverup and keep going until I am either dead or removed from society

Just one of these all day and night 24/7 terror tactics in the 1000’s

This 50 minute walk around my place while coordinated groups come out walking their dogs at the same time will give you an example of how these world wide terror operation against me are executed. This is a mellow day, with not many cars used

I am known world wide, PI’s, Lawyers, Police, News Agencies you name it, are contacted world wide and told to make sure I cannot get help or defend myself about what is being done to my life being fed propaganda about me to sabotage my credibility beforehand.

On every time I’ve went to the police for help, they’ve threatened me once I had proof, and started contacting world wide groups to stop the truth coming out with all these other organizations and groups using government resources to coverup these mass crimes.

Everything Edward Snowden came forward with. I am the example of what happens if they government decides they just don’t like you. It could be as simple as you have a wart they don’t like, using the patriot act loopholes or FISA.

My World Wide Targeting info

Related incidents

Woodland Oaks Neighbors Working with Gregory Allen Koenig in my complex heavily involved in this terror campaign –

World wide groups STUCK in their mental illness lies –

LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –

LAPD  setup attempts and Arrests case re-opened for more intimidation –

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life #cnnireport  #FoxNews  –

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics #cnnireport –

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –

The police report Brain Washing Double Standard tactic to stop me from getting help or the truth from coming out

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know  –

Metro Complex Security Guard trying to Mace me on Public Property    –

Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up, using their comment section to rile communities against me with Aubrey Fisher to create mental illness and end my life with world wide support stop me from making money or pursueing photography even as a hobby –

Endlessly attacked at all Starbucks world wide from Assault, Endless false claims to corporate, endless brutal mobbings with mass groups with passive aggressive tactics, and even trying to force me into signing fake contracts admitting to the lies saying If I want to stay at a Starbucks I have to admit to these lies –

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