While like most things in my life, these subtle passive aggressive terror tactics are not done by one person who hates me. It is done by world wide  groups, never ends, and is done with clear and obvious motive to do it until the end of time, to set me up to get reactions to try to get me to go ballistic
working with the police, and government, as they know this is going on, and are intentionally doing nothing about these all day and night, 24/7 conspiracies with Pre Meditation, Motive, Hidden Agendas and Ulterior motives they claim are not crimes.

While this is just one of endless tactics with worldwide conspiracies with over 1000’s of these to rid me of the world. This will give you an idea of just one of them.

This on the surface, like all of these seems trivial, but since it is done in world wide groups and never ends, it is an ATTACK on my life. An attack which starts somewhere before 9 years old and I am now 45, as it just gets progressively worse with every cover up known to man to make this extermination operation look justified.

This is  simple picture of me ordering a steak medium rare. This time at Chili’s and having it delivered. You will notice that the order is usually Medium, or Medium rare. A little pink in the middle.

Of course, like usual, when I get it, it is completely rare

Now this happens each and every time, weather it be from Chili’s or any other place world wide. It does not matter how many times I ask for it to be done correctly. Weather I order it for delivery, or I am a the restaurant.

They will keep INTENTIONALLY re cooking it wrong to try to get me to react in anger so they can call the police and put me in jail.

Now, before I stopped talking with my father, He liked to take me to Ruth Chris, and have the restaurant take turns on me mentally battering me to death. This is done at all restaurants world wide with him working with Lorena Escobar his office manager to try to mentally batter me to death with similar tactics.

Also, he and they seem to have a problem with me eating food. Any food. Well what is the reasoning behind stopping someone from eating food?

While this tactic seemed to start at Ruth’s Chris when he would take me there. And I stopped talking to him because he would always want to take me out to eat, and then have these people do this things to me, while lieing to my face that I was imagining it, and also taking part. Wanting to torture me in any false confession known to man to put me in jail.

Which is pretty damn strange, but they’ve been doing it to me my entire life to get these coerced false confessions for some reason. Maybe to make me look crazy, maybe they want me to go to the police making up lies after so much pain is inflicted on me that I did something wrong.

What one of his Employees sent after me, Fernanda Sime said to me in anger “Don’t worry you will get your will” then started telling me to go to the police for some reason, when they had world wide extermination campaigns against me with the police, who I’d gone to for years with solid evidence, and they refused to help me with their cryptic threats.

Now, what does a steak, like everything else have to do with the tea in china? In the big picture, absolutely nothing. It is just another tactic of theirs.

But if I do the math do to speak and trace their operations, about things normally no one would care about.

We have Kelly Hatch, sent after me to Southern Oregon state college to rid me of the world with the police, and government. and one of her lies, and manipulations was saying something about her father locking the cupboard or something strange like this to eat.

Now, where does this come from? Well, at one point when I was around 16,  my father used to buy, boxes of steaks, and I would cook them and eat them.

Ok, well, that isn’t very strange, living with a divorced family, 2 different houses, and when over your fathers, eating food out of his fridge. Actually, seems pretty damn normal.

But I know understand who my father, and my paranoid psychotic family are. And things don’t really make sense why they hunt you. Because it’s not based on any rational reason, nor will you ever know it’s coming, or why. Kind of like living in the Mafia.

The only real negative relevance to a steak that I can make around 16 years old is an angry neighbor that didn’t like our dog Rhoda barking when she was outside, and yelled at me one day that he was going to give her a poisoned steak if I didn’t shut the dog up in anger.

Well, sure, while having asshole neighbors is not uncommon, it’s hardly the thing your family hunts you down all day and night with worldwide support over.

But where things get really strange is that my father named that dog Rhoda out of the movie,

“The bad seed”

Related image

And for some reason, Kelly Hatch who was sent after me wanted me to watch this movie. from 1956.

Rhoda is an evil child who murders several people, and I am assuming that my family is trying to send me hidden messages that I am a horrible monster like her.

Especially at 29, sitting in an office with Mike HUNTLEY – sent after me for 25 years originally my brother friend who started a company with me for 6 years calling me up in Colorado stalking me. and going from, I am your 25 year trustable friend and business partner to:

Micheal Huntley
Michael Huntley
20 year friend, and started a company with me all to get me close to him to destroy my life. Originally a friend of my brothers.
from his own mouth “We are using the system against you”“Have a good life now” as he was singing “World of paranoia”, and dropping papers about Korea using mental illness tactics to control people. Then telling me “You had better live a careful life”, “Your too out of control for California”

Showing that he was sent after me, and now wants this all covered up with my family and brother so they can try to look like good people.

But where things get weirder is that, My father used to put shock collars on this dog, as well as parameter shock collars on her because he has
no communication skills, in which Therapist Karine Echington supports this type of behavior. And so much so, that she was disseminating my conversations in her office to Lorena Escobar my father office manager paid to stalk me.

Now, Knowing who my family is now, their is no doubt they wanted to try to manipulate me into shocking Rhoda, just like Roadie Morales was sent after me using the paranoid schizo name tactics and trying to set me up and frame me over and over.

Simple conversation with a friend at university of Colorado about my father putting shock collar on Rhoda, would lead to all sorts of Mayhem against me for speaking to someone privately about my life. Things that are normal.

If you date someone, they ask about you and your life, that is normal. What is strange is when mass groups come after you for talking about it.

Or my mother sending me Blow Dark traveling souvenirs when I was in the Dorms in Southern Oregon State Collage in hopes I would blow dart Kelly Hatch.

So after this, my College Professor, Jim Johnson, in my computer imaging class was told to frame me, by putting online what he called “The Sleeping Dog Contest”

And the reason it was named this was because when my friend Vasu stepped over Rhoda, she jumped up and bit him. Probably from being shocked by my family.

Needless to say he was working on me with their paranoid schizofrenia tactics. One might ask how a college professor and city is approached and told to rid someone of the world. Yet it is going on, and those are government resources.

Now, in perspective, the Internet was new. I can garuntee, normally, no one would have seen this harmless picture I put up. But non the less, like every other aspect of my life. It was used against me to rid me of the world.

A simple piece of harmless art, just like all my other art, is leading to my extermination, which does not make any sense. Because it isn’t really about any art on any level. Just like anything I’ve done wrong on any level. Or I would have been arrested for it, and not a world wide extermination operation.

From this, cover up operations that I am a paranoid schizo, violent, a women beater, and white supremacist. From thin air, with world wide support to remove me from society.

Also, growing up, we had an English Sheep dog, named Maggie. While this dog lived half it’s live in a cage. While it wasn’t the smallest of cages. Maybe 150 feet long. My father couldn’t understand why the dog was so happy when it got out.

But interesting enough, this whole thing about me being put in a cage, a cell, a mental institution, or being told I am not allowed to leave my house seems to have some kind of correlation with my family and fathers personality. Or possibly me having friends and telling them about my childhood, just like other things, is considered in my family, you are a Rat! like in the Maffia, or something. Point being, people generally don’t hunt someone for talking about, or being honest about their life, unless they are criminals or murderers.

Sound Strange?

Who is the bad seed? People like me trying to live their life, help everyone in their path, Make money, and help others make money? or people like my family with NSA/FBI gov, Police, Worldwide psychological profiling and extermination campaigns, a psuedo Adolf Hitler campaign to wipe one man off the planet for imperfection based on things most people could not care less about.

Now how does the Steak Knife tactic go into all of this and way more? well, because the steak knife, like everything else, are just ways to rid me of the world for whatever reason, and what is more important is all the linked and connected activities with world wide information flow, known as propaganda, defamation, criminal defamation, and all done in secret leaving no defense, or talking about anything.

In other words, any one in my life can make up whatever lie they feel and it will instantly be disseminated world wide and in secret. Normally a civil crime. And in some cases a criminal one like this one being that their are illegal operations going on to end my life.

While I have not taken a lot of steak pictures you can see from my other blogs of endless repetitious terror operations that this is not fiction or some far fetched post.

That whenever I just try to order a steak, it is intentionally made wrong. Just like every girl since a young age, even 12. Who I liked, had some kind of interaction with, you name it. Have all been told. Or the well been POISONED so to speak beforehand. And each girl will be told to provoke, try to frame, set me up, you name it. World wide, my entire life, all with  cover ups.

And try to make it look like I’ve done something wrong to lock me away. So, around 29, one of my family, and worlds arguments was that I have always been single and cannot be trusted. Yet what they leave out is I have never been allowed to date, have real friends, or relationships, other then those my family sent into my life. DEMANDING I be with and have KIDS with.

One was Adriana Olivarez, and when I saw the signs of abuse, I wasn’t interested. Later to find out, that she was really my Jailor, I was supposed to be with OR ELSE!

So how does someone who shows he is social, friendly, open minded, giving, caring, helps others, in the worlds eyes go to a violent, narcissistic, paranoid Schizo, sociopath, who doesn’t care about a thing, and can’t care about human life? Well, that’s simple, it’s not true, and it’s all based on worldwide propaganda/terror systems, which intentionally leaves out what my real life is. And a ENRAGED family with government support to rid someone of the world creating complete fiction, because they don’t like me. And will do whatever it takes to rid me of the world, using who they know, and their psychology degrees they all have to harm people they don’t like.

You get the idea. It is about their patterns of abusive behaviors that they don’t want people knowing about. And in retailation, they try to make me look like the abusive or crazy one. For walking away, Like going to college in Oregon, or saying I am not interested in some psychotic sent into my life.

Most people have choices, and can walk away, and pick and choose what they like, and are healthy for them. Where I come from, You do what you are told or you are hunted.

Why world wide groups want to keep me in a torturous environment until I am dead or locked away refusing to stop taking turns on me is a mystery. Then saying I am crazy and like it, when I have not been given a choice, shows their motives.

So if you want to use the steak as an analogy for women or anything else, the same terror  behaviors inflicted on me apply while my family, police and government trying to get false confessions to lock me away who knows why.

Also, these tactics with women I can trace back to literally around 12 years old. For simply kissing a black girl at sunny Skies Day camp, some kind of illegal operation where they put me back a grade, maybe 1st grade, and called it T1,

My family with the government went ballistic for me showing affection, and open mindedness, and kissing a black girl at that age, telling the world I am a white supremacist.

If that isn’t strange, I don’t know what is. But I can assure you. That is their RAGE, not mine. People don’t get mad at white people for kissing black women unless they are racist. And my actions show I am not. And theirs show they are.

My World Wide Targeting info


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Endlessly attacked at all Starbucks world wide from Assault, Endless false claims to corporate, endless brutal mobbings with mass groups with passive aggressive tactics, and even trying to force me into signing fake contracts admitting to the lies saying If I want to stay at a Starbucks I have to admit to these lies – https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/community-mobbing-security-guard-breaks-attacks-me-with-intent-to-kill/


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