Community mobbing working with the police 5/9/2014 – On my way home from work, police intimidation, cars in 2’s, people at park, and waiting for me to come home

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today, as I left out office which closes at 4:00 pm, on Fridays, as I walk out to my car their are too people just sitting and waiting in their cars. They are both pointed at a motorcycle. And the cops are just waiting. This is a common tactic with the police trying to thug me quiet using their paranoid schizophrenia tactics for the last 30 years while endlessly trying to set me up, or get any dirt possible to remove me from society working with my family starting around the age of 10 years old while my mother ran around claiming I had anger and rage. One of their accusation given to the world is something about motorcycles, but it is just one of out 1000’s of smears to end my life.

P1020388P1020369 P1020376

As I drive home, of course tons of people in specific color patterns between the office and my house like usual, I decided to stop at the park and get some fresh air.

once again, like 2 days ago, at the same exact tables their are 2 people wearing black pants, and blue shirts.

Not only that, but a man and a kid are also wearing solid black pants and solid green shirts.

People at same tables




People in green and black and at same tables


Man 50 feet away


When I get to my street, I notice 2 people just sitting waiting in Prius’s doing nothing but waiting right at my street.

This is where they were parked next too each other


P1020451P1020513 P1020487

When I get to my street, I notice that their is a Red Versa parked on it. But 10 minutes later, he leaves and the neighbors pull up a black one.

P1020470 P1020627 P1020629

Also on my street, are 2 identical gray honda civics parked in front and behind a car.

P1020609 P1020614 P1020616

Not only that, but 100 feet up the street, there are 2 identical blue honda civics on parked in front, and one behind a car as well


P1020618 P1020619 P1020621 P1020623

And as it got a little later, the neighbors pulled up 2 cars without license plates and parked them across from each other


P1020648 P1020647

Later that night the neighbors tried to get 3 of them together coming out and strategically moving their cars. They got 2 together but you can see how they are intentionally moving them around to send hidden messages and create mental illness.


This is an all day and night world wide terror/paranoid schizophrenia campaign with the intent to rid me of society started at the age 10, it has been going on with world wide armies since I was a young child. Starting with my mother and brother using her psychology degree with the rest of my family to try to IMMOBILIZE me, then TERRORIZE me until either my nervous system gives out, I am pushed so that they can call the police on me and put me in jail, or to push me to suicide.

This is an attempt to keep the police, with the communities crimes quiet about what I had found out and nothing more. Their campaigns have been disseminating lies and smears to the world in secret in a funded operation targeting me with the intent to kill.

They will say whatever it takes to make it look like I am angry, in rage, out of control, claiming I’ve done horrible things which every single thing said, disseminated, are lies to smear my name to stop me from getting help, defending myself, or speaking out about the truth and what is really going on.

For details on this mass murder/terror campaign you can go to

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