Karine Echigan – Psychologist working with the police to try to figure out how to remove me from society

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Karine Echigan is a therapist who uses her psychology PHD to try to set people up and coerce them into false confessions or terrorize her patients working with the police until they give them the answer they want too hear.

Karine echigan spent about a year and a half, having me come into her office and have her co-workers and people in the neighborhood trying to blackmail me into giving her anything possible so she could remove me from society.

In each one of our sessions, twice a week for 1.5 years she would collect everything I would say, take it out of context, and disseminate it to these mass websites and tools that are being used for community notifications for their terror campaign as well as world wide neighborhood watches.

These aren’t just neighborhood watches she’s involved in, but they are set up to make people mentally ill and push them to their ends, or figure out ways to torcher them until they can get a reaction to remove them from society.

She is a PREDATOR working with the police.

I initially called Karine Echigan because as you can see, being hunted by billions world wide, all day and night for no reason at all, makes you very sick and you start to have all sorts of problems.

Which is the true criminal intent to end my life for the last 30 years.

Karine working with the police and my family, clearly did not want to see me healthy, did not want me getting help, and was using the reactions of what is being done to me, as leverage to try to figure out ways too keep me quiet and in pain. She is a criminal who needs to be banned from ever using psychology at all.

Karine is responsible for trying to not only work on elaborate setups with my father, but trying to manipulate me into going down to see Alexis Amore dance who is just one of many people who was sent after me to say I am crazy and it’s my fault.

Details about Karine and her elaborate, setups, using my neighbor to threaten my life when she found out I was telling people what was going on, can be found here.


Some things she’s been involved in while in therapy with her

  • Working with lawyer and judge to terrorize me into false confessions to remove me from society

  • every visit she would wear specific colors, and when I left and went to the normal places I go people would come in in teams wearing same thing.

  • Told my neighbor to threaten my life when I told her I was telling people what was going on and normalizing the situation so people knew what really was going on.

  •  When I showed her black and white evidence I was being stalked, told me it was my fault for having anxiety because I was being hunted, and tried to do it more until she could force me on what she wants.

  • Tried to pretend it was her partner doing it to make it look like it wasn’t her

  • Told me she didn’t know who I was when started seeing her, even though I knew she did, she kept collecting my life trying to play paranoid schizophrenia games.

  •  claims she has no control over my life, to help me with the police and a 30 year murder campaign, but is working with them to try to set me up claiming she is neutral

  • Went through a specific rap sheet of theories they had put togethor with my family trying to prove each and every one of them endlessly, because she needed to coverup the byreal crime which is me being targeted and smear my name.

  • Tried to lock me into lifetime therapy by using the judge to tell me I had to go to therapy my entire life. Especially with a squeky clean record and 0 legal grounds to do so.

  • was using people from the community to follow me from place to place provoking me all day to try to get reactions to make it look like I was crazy and reverse the situations to make it look like I have a problem.

  •  Use paranoid shitzo tactics to try to figure me out, and mimic me back with the people working with her to torcher me into false confessions.

  • Was trying to torcher me into false confessions to give out to the world in the mass murder/smear campaign.

  • Was not concerned at any point about my health,

  • would disseminate each and every one of my private conversations from out sessions to the community trying to set me up and destroy me, and then claim It wasn’t her. But of course she had no convern that info was leaving her office to the public, which has happened with 14 therapists, psychologits, and psychiatrists, all with the same intent, to remove me from society and make claims that I have some “Something” yet cannot tell me what this something is.

  • Also trying to make it look like I have obsession because I haven’t left, not mentioning thatm her, my lawyer, and the judge are making up lies that I have no choice but to go.

  • tried to tell me, that by fireing people who could not provide a job of what they promised in the contracts show that I am a predator and contacting the people I work with to harass me or do these things to put me in the situation.

  • Working with my neighbors to harass me into situations to try to make it look like I have an anger problem or am crazy.

  • Was working with my father to try to make it look like I was competing with him.

  • Would try to tell me and everyone else I have communication problems despite the fact that I tried to ask her what this is remotly about as she proceeded to tell everyone the same that I have all these problems which weren’t true, plus its a private conversation between and dr and client.

  •  When I told her I was no longer going to use her, has people park cars in patterns with messages such as this is not going to end, and the city will be told by having people park black honda civics in 2’s and infinities which is their common way of threatening me after they worked on creating the hypersensitivity to sent me messages all day that I have done something to make me look crazy.

  • trying to figure out ways with the community to passive aggressively rile me up and provoke me into a reaction to use against me by locking me in and covertly terrorizing to make me look dangereous and a danger to others

  •  Contacted the neighbor in my complex when found out I was telling people what what being done to my life, at that point, he threatened to kill me claiming I had glued his mailbox shut. In our next session she knew our conversation which means she was trying to blackmail me quiet by her hints of what she knew

Karine is not the first to do this, I’ve been through 14 psychologists/psychiatrists and all took part because they want to put me in the ground or keep me quiet about the real crime which is the 30 year manhunt and smear campaign to end someone life because they just don’t trust him. Which really is non of their business nor should they care until I commit a crime.

Karine Echigan is a predator and she needs to have her therapy license revoked for terrorizing her clients, trying to keep them quiet, and most of all, when I came to her and told her a crime was being committed and their was nothing I could do, not only did she refuse to do what she is obligated to do, which is tell the police I am in danger. But instead did everything possible to try to provoke me to get a reaction so she could tell the police I’m a danger to her or others.

She is a criminal and a predator, helping cover up a mass 3o year crime.




For details about this mass 30 year hunt, you can go to


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