Community Mobbing – Metro and my neighbors get desperate and actually go through the trash bins looking for dirt to use against me

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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The Metro and My neighbors have been working on a 30 year campaign to smear my name, create mental illness to remove me from society and cover up their crimes claiming I am a

horrible person and have done all these things I have not done.

Tonight, My neighbors working with their world wide coward campaign in secret billions of people against one man minding his own business and trying to live his life have hit a complete point of desperation going into the actual trash bins and looking for my trash.

After who knows how many hours of trash digging, My neighbors found some things they thought were mine. Other people receipts from starbucks because they know I go to coffee places and it upsets them for some reason as if drinking coffee, getting work done, or meeting people is somehow a crime to them.

A marijuana 420 card of someones, parking receipts, etc. After they thought they had some of their BLACKMAIL that they’ve been trying to get since I was 10 years old to try to immobilize me and terrorize me. They then took the trash they found and put it on my car thinking they could scare me quiet about their 30 year endless crimes to remove me from society and smear my name to cover it up.


This is a true sign of desperation with the peeping in my house for years to trash digging, to their world wide mental illness tactics all because they don’t like people

who go out, date women, do photoshoots with people, etc. Whatever reasons which is none of their business and play god with other peoples lives they have a problem because I am

jewish, or have a different career then them, or like women they don’t approve of. You know, those people who go around saying your crazy, need to be killed because you have different beliefs or like different things then them.

Needless to say, Just like racists and biggits that is who my neighbors and the people who have targeted me are but they are just smart enough to make outrageous lies and claims about their targets before they start hunting them to make it look justified.

For details on this 30 year campaign to end my life you can go to

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