Gang Stalking – 5/3/2014 – METRO Neighbors using 3 pickup trucks again to create mental illness

Posted: May 3, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Tonight when I got home, the Metro Neighbors once again pulled out 3 pickup trucks and parked it across from my gate with the intent to create mental illness to either push me to suicide or try to push me out of control so they can figure out ways to put me in jail.

This is on ongoing murder/terror campaign going on since 10 years old since I said “fuck you” to my mother who decided she was going to figure out way to remove me from society with the rest of my family leading a world wide smear campaign with the police smearing my name and riling up the masses to rid me of the world covertly in the gray areas of the law.

P1010634 P1010632

For details on this 30 year psychological warefare/terror campaign you can go to

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