Gang Stalking – 5/4/2014 – METRO neighbors using 2 Lexus IS 250’s day after large group tries to set me up making it look like I am stalking Alexis Amore

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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As per a lot of my other posts last night the Metro neighbors pulled out 2 Lexus IS 250’s to send hidden messages. Since this is a paranoid schizophrenia campaign to send me hidden messages and create mental illness and this mass world wide group parked the Lexus’s in front of my gate the day after a large group tried to manipulate me into going to watch Alexis Amore a porn star and stripper dance.


P1010733 P1010736 P1010739

This is how they work, they know I know what is going on, so to they follow me around endlessly sending hidden messages such as the Lexus’s relating to Alexis Amore and will never stop until I am coerced into false confessions they can give out to the world.

Alexis amore has spend enless time for something like 15 years trying to figure out ways to get me to like her then provoke me endlessly with setup after setup to make it look like I am an obsessed hater that wont leave her alone.

In the past, she followed me to the Van Nuys spearmint rhino then claiming I was following her around. About a year later she started working at the Los Angeles Spearmint Rhino where the manager asked me to come down and look at their computer systems.

When I was there, not knowing, I saw her and got a lap dance as she was pretending to be scared. Although I believe she knew exactly what they were doing to get me down their since she’s been endlessly trolling me for the last 15 years to try to get a reaction to use against me.

On another occasion when she invited everyone on her twitter to go see her dance, I went not knowing to find out I was being attacked by everyone there, and her working angles to troll me into a fight.

On another occasion, Lorena Escobar set up an appointment in Pomona for me. The next day right before I went, she announces on twitter she is going to pomona to make it look like I was following her around. And being that my life is being collected, taken out of context and given to the world, this was just another tactic to make it look like I had a problem.

And when I told someone on the net what was going on and I wasn’t going because I knew what she was up too, and that it didn’t even matter because I had no money in my account, my mother actually sends me money without me asking to make it that much easier to set up.

Not only is this not the first person to get me to like them followed by endless terror tactics, and smears to make it look like I am crazy and following them around, but it’s been almost every women who has been around me or in my life for 30 years with the intent to rile up the masses and remove me from society in the grey areas of the law

For details on this mass 30 year world wide campaign to remove me from society you can go to


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