Woodland hills Metro complex 10/4/2013 – taking their cars out of their garage to create mental illness (Ideas of reference) to get rid of me

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Since the first day I moved in 12 years ago, the people in the Metro complex targeted me with this mass group to create mental illness.

One of their common tactics it to create mental illness by creating ideas of reference, a common type of schizophrenia where people read messages in object or people.

For example, one might listen to a song and think it’s telling them to do something.

I however do not suffer from any mental illness, never have, but I do however have world wide groups working on me all day and night for over 30 years trying to send me hidden messages to create the illusion I am crazy or suffer from these things.

This is however a tactic to remove me from society.

You will notice I have years of pictures and videos on a daily basis of elaborate mental illness such as this.

Tonight, two different metro people pulled out two blue ford focuses and parked them across from each other where I walk out.

P1160758 P1160759 P1160762 P1160763 P1160765 P1160766 P1160768 P1160769

This started right after someone followed me to a Starbucks telling me I needeed to focus after that 3 red ford focuses kept doing the same thing on my small street.

the other night it was 4 white pickups.


This has been going on all day and night for 12 years.

They then cry wolf telling people I am crazy and doing something to them to create larger and larger groups.

This has been done since I was about 10, as I had no clue it was going on until I turned 30. It got really bad when I found out I was a target and they had no choice but to cover up their mass crimes.

And being that my mother is a therapist with a psychology degree. and my brother is a doctor with a secondary psych degree,  it’s kind of coincidental that psychological warefare campaign to wipe me off the planet has been unleashed on my by these peopleand close friends starting from a young age like Tom Farley, Mike huntley

This goes back as far as my own mother, brother and childhood friends targeting me with my mother making claims I have anger and rage and will hurt myself or someone else.

tactics used:


all the details at:


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