Car Stalking – 10/20/2013 – paranoid schizophrenia tactics parking cars in patterns

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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This is a tactic that has been going on my whole life which is just one of the 1000’s of tactics put together to try to make me mentally ill and end my life.

The common strategy of gang stalking someone is to make them hyper sensitive and switch their thought process from focusing on normal things, to things that most people don’t look at. This way, they can run around making statements that the person is “Crazy” “too sensitive” “thinks differently then others” etc.

the tactic is to remove them from the world in such a way to make it look like they are crazy and need to be removed from society. In any situation, if their is manipulation, or setups, it is a crime against someone. And in these instances, it is the INTENT to murder.

This has been going on for over 30 years. Starting with my own mother, then convincing my own brother and all his friends to hunt me down and try to kill me, using mass marketing campaigns to the world to reel them in, telling them I have a problem.

My own mother would try to CON me with her games of “We don’t know what came first, the chicken or the egg” while I watch millions working on me all day and night while I just sat watching this 30 year campaign try to end my life any way possible.

And if strangers are taking the time who you don’t know, all around the world to take part, then clearly, it is a campaign to end your life. Because people generally don’t care is your nice, mean, giving, not giving etc, unless you are part of their lives.

That being said, with clear and obvious proof that these people have been hunting me world wide in the millions at

and the specific tactics being used at

Two weeks ago, before going to my therapist which I now go to deal with pure world wide abuse to end my life and cover it up with lies in the 1000’s people once again, have started having cars wait outside my gate as I come out.

Not only this, but I flat out told my therapist what was going to happen before it even happened as I gave her photographs to prove otherwise. depending on what she says about it is a matter of who she is. And rational person can see what is going on, so depending on what side they are on, they will either LIE to cover it up, or make sure people know the TRUTH. it is so obvious, and since it is a world wide campaign to 90% their answer is based on weather they are a good or bad person.

Lies that I think differently, or I’m negative or imagining it and think to much is just a leverage tactic to try to CONTROL people. This is the whole basis of Gang Stalking. To get someone to do what they want. And 90% of the time, it is to get someone to kill themselves, just like we recently saw on the news with this girl.

But this is a much larger level.  The people doing it know they are doing it but try to cover it up as gossip or drama. But I can assure you strangers following people to place after place and cars or clothing patterns all day and night directed at one person while told imagining it, is a clear ATTEMPT to create PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA.

It not only is a criminal act, but one which can only be INFLICTED by people with psychology degree’s. And since my own Mother, and Brother have psychology degrees. That is kind of COINCIDENTAL. Especially finding out all the childhood tactics of trying to set me up or smear my name.

So, two weeks ago a black man in a Mercedes was told to wait for me outside my gate and take off his license plates as I went to my therapist. when I came home all day they decided to park different cars in the same spot with no plates to work on the hypersensitivity level.

The people on the MURDERERS side will tell you things like, stay positive, or your too sensitive, but the truth is, the very ACT in itself is a criminal one, and anyone who is part of it and says that is clearly trying to make you look crazy. and tell you to your face you have a problem when they damn well know what they are doing.

So come last Thursday, I go back to my therapist, and once again, they do it. This time I tell her, and  show her pictures of the black man once again waiting for me.

P1170217 P1170215

You can’t see it here, but he is waiting for me in his car.

When I come home, just like I told her, a black car is parked where he was, no plates, but a “Keyes” plate cover which they get from the keyes dealer or they are people with new cars told to do these things in patterns.

P1170251 P1170250

After this, the next day, one of the METRO neighbors pulls out his Grey Jeep Cherokee which was one of the original tactics because they had a girl named Kelly Hatch in a white jeep cherekee follow me up from Calabasas High to my college in Oregon working with the teachers to try to prove I was a horrible person. She was working with my family, and Tom Farley, Mike Huntley, Paul Humphrey etc, to smear my name, destroy my life and remove me from society.

So in order to keep me quiet about Kelly Hatch who is just one of millions involved, they need to keep parking the same cars in front of my house to try to guilt me to death to create mental illness to keep me quiet for finding out that they have been HUNTING me for 30 years.

P1170267 P1170266

But notice the cracked windshield. Which even weirder that their is no body damage to the car. So how did the windshield get cracked? Did someone throw their head into it? because the car was never in an accident. But they want me sick for finding out that I am being targeted. They do not want me talking, hence this blog and

And they will do anything to end my life.

After this, in the same spot, that night, they have 2 people pull up almost identical honda Civics as close as they can get them. This is another common tactic which I have years of photos of them parking cars in two’s by my place to try to make me mentally ill and end my life which has been going on for over 30 years.


Tonight, when I get home, they remove the civics, and pull up this car which did the same thing last week also with no plates, Which is a BMW.

P1170325 P1170327

This tactics and attacks never end, they started in small groups around the age of 10 with my mothers LIES and SETUPS trying to make it look like I was a horrible child following me from place to place, college to college working with the rest of my family my entire life having my brother, his friends, notifying the world to hunt me down all in attempt to end my life in an endless HATE and RAGE making claims I am weird, different, evil, you name it.

The one common thing with them is they just go from lie to lie, smear to smear showing that they are not true to their words but just looking for ways to rile people up and end my life with a PARANOID SCHITZOFRENIA campaign covered up in lies that I have a problem and this and that.

But it’s always the same tacitc of committing crimes, then coving it up with LIES that it is somehow my fault.

This is just another day, but it shows the REAL STORY, the the criminal acts behind their LIES, SMEARS, and INTENT to PROVOKE passive aggressively with the intent to put me in a situation to remove me from society and end my life.

My own brother who has been TARGETING since a young age has made claims I have anger and rage, when his very ACTS, are his PROJECTION of himself on me.

More details at:


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