Gang Stalking – 9/26/2013 – People told to park white pickups all over my small street using schizophrenia tactics

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Tonight when I got home, I noticed people were told to bring their cars out from their complexes whoever had white pickups.

This is the usual mental illness type of tactics used to try to create mental illness. push me to my end. This tactic is used in mass groups for the sole purpose to end my life claiming I am

crazy, imagining things, have baggage and guilt. But it’s a mere cover up to just do it until I can no longer function and die.

These tactics have been going on all day and night for 30 years as I found out 12 years ago.

The woodland hills, METRO complex is heavily involved in this mass targeting to end my life using the majority of the people who moved in to work on me all day and night.

They will not stop until I’m dead and telling me things that I had better move. This has been going on since the very first day I moved in here 11 years ago and their INTENT is to kill.

Some of these peoples lies to SMEAR my name are that I have anger and rage, that I’m a ticking time bomb. They will provoke me upwards of 1000 times per day on and off the internal to make the LIES look try, but the reality is ulterior motives to remove me from society for reason I cannot comprehend as every single thing they have claimed in the 1000’s about me have all been lies for 30 years.

A lot of these created by a mother with a psychology degree who was timid, fragile, and has no communication skills who is afraid of everything in sight.

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Tactics Used:

Details at

  1. Elise says:

    Sam Pickets on the TOPIX gangstalking form, says Exactly the Same Thing: anybody or anyone who believes in this goofy sounding gangstalking junk, is just a kook, and is delusional, and needs help…….well, no one and nobody on the TOPIX gangstalking form, Likes Sam Pickets Disinformation Troll, very much, I wonder why??


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