Starbucks Discrimination and mobbing – 9/16/2013 cops called and told lies

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Like usual, decided to go to get some coffee. I went to Starbucks as this mass MURDER campaign launched 30 years ago and directed at me to remove me from society still goes on all day and night with not one reason as to why, with a  mass world wide coverup.

Topanga Cyn & Dumetz, Woodland Hill

  • 4900 Topanga Canyon Blvd
  • Woodland Hills, CA 913643112

As I get to starbucks one of the new tactics is to have people wearing black and white stripped shirts follow me around trying to provoke me into reactions and if they can get a reaction call the police making up lies and crying wolf.

As I go into the facilities, a lady in a car waiting for me comes out and gets in line behind me. Although, this does not work for them.

I sit down, and like usual mind my own business.

The cops are called and are told I am bothering people at 7:30 pm and causing a disturbance. Now, normally they have the place filled at locations I normally go with 100’s per day working on me to try to get these reactions to use against me. Lately, it’s ramped down some being that I am notifying mass groups more and more of these 30 year crimes against me.

Today, the place was empty, and I was sitting outside which was empty and just me. There wasn’t even anyone to take a picture of.

Keep in mind, these ATTACKS against me have been done from the very minute of the first moment I ever walked into this location, just like every other location.


A month prior, this employee right here was working with some people from the previous locations I was being TARGETED at and followed me here now mad I am living my life again.


A month ago, they had 5 or 6 people who saw me put there feet on chairs when I got there, and worked several other ANGLES to get rid of me because I am Jewish, or whatever their discrimination issues are with the INTENT to kill.

Remember, this is every Starbucks I’ve been in, in the World. Not an ISOLATED incident.

Also. this is a co worker who won’t leave me alone trying to provoke me into any reaction possible as well


Now, AS I was asked to leave, I decided to take pictures of the facilities to show that they are lieing like usual. Place is empty and I was by myself outside. This is not about anything I’ve ever done, only mass groups forming to remove me from society due to a mass witch hunt while people make up lies all day and night and disseminate it to the world in secret to stop me from eating, making money, having friends, or going anywhere at all with clear and obvious INTENT to kill in the grey areas of the law. These people will try to cover up their crimes with any lie possible. I am starting fires, etc to cover up their true intent.

Pictures of how busy the facilities and all the people I’m harassing even though I’m there for 15 minutes outside sitting by myself.

P1160152 P1160154 P1160156 P1160158 P1160159 P1160161 P1160162 P1160163 P1160165 P1160167 P1160175 P1160137 P1160144

Weather it be to get me to starve to death on the streets or cause severe pain until my nervous system gives out from all day and night provoking making up lies that I’m too sensitive.

These targeters work on me upwards of 1000’s per day offline alone, and at this point maybe 10 -20k harassment online all directed at me world wide to end my life telling me I’m imagining it using the grey areas of the law, and every tactic possible

Here is a link to some of their mental illness tactics.

Also, this is video of the racent employees who are targeting, also involved in having a security guard try to put me in the hospital punching me 7 times in the head and the first one being from behind.

And this is some video of the new employees at Dumetz woodland hills location being the 4th location I have been banned from as they keep following me from place to place for 30 years trying to set me up and use the system against me to remove me from society.

Also, I have been banned from 2 coffeebean locations as they will pursue me any place I go, even the park to try to get some fresh air trying to BLACKMAIL me quiet about speaking out about the truth and the crimes against me.

For details on this mass campaign to end my life or remove me from society  and keep me quiet at

  1. chelsey says:

    what the fuck is going on in this blog.


  2. Brian says:

    Fascinating. I’m wondering why they haven’t been successful in ending your life or removing you from society in over 30 years. How do they let you keep this blog going? Are they that inept?


    • Well, believe it or not, at one point my health was hanging by a thread and was so bad that if I walked around the park by my house, which is small, maybe half a football field, I would be light headed and dizzy. This is years after the stages of severe pressure headaches from abuse and not understanding what was going on and why people would not leave me alone.

      At the point I tried to get healthy, more and more people were notified to come out of their houses and passive aggressively provoke me because I was trying to get my health back.

      You can see in the blogs that it escalated to 1000’s per day at this park and any other places I go, it happens again.

      So when people try to tell me I’m obsessed and keep going back, well, it happens 90% of the places I go all around the world which does not sound realistic, and took me years to accept, but it is happening.

      As far as the blog, well, we have the 1st amendment to protect us for things like this. But I can tell you, not only the people, but the police as well did everything possible to intimidate me quiet about this.

      Even death threats from rogue police officers once they found out I bought a new camera. Even though they thought it was to get evidence, it was for my photography hobby, and studio work. But they didn’t want me having anything that could get proof in regards to what was going on.

      On a few occasions, not only finding out that the police were keeping tabs on me and collecting anything possible to remove me from society or set me up. I was approached by several officers telling me they are watching me to scare me quiet. I even have one incident on video.

      My health today still isn’t that great, and after 14 psychiatrists and 2 medical doctors for physical problems as well as mental from this type of never ending abuse.

      I would have to say the why would be the strength to keep breathing.

      If that’s strength, I do not know, I just know their intentions and what it has done to me and my life.


  3. notsonap says:

    I confirm and advocate Kevin’s claims of Similar methods / activities Used against me.
    Do Not Discount him as Mentally ILL.
    Do not Assist those working Against him by allowing yourself to be prejudicially biased against him by Slanderous Claims.


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