Community Mobbing – On my way home from starbucks women in red/black trying to set me up

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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After going to Starbucks to get some coffee, after  maybe 5 people putting the their on chairs and employees trying to bait me into a situation to get rid of me

What Starbucks is doing to me at every location in the world

When I get home a lady is waiting out front for me wearing, some of their paranoid schizophrenia tactics, solid black pants, and a solid red shirt.

As I’m parking I see her as she’s hovering around trying to intimidate me. I accidentally bumper tap the car behind because it’s yet another person trying to set me up being 1000’s per day.  Once she see’s this, she see’s leverage over me, and starts telling me what I can and can’t do, Or I had better listen to what she says.

I tell her she’s a dirt digger, and to get the fuck away from me. Of course, she hangs around trying to provoke me then says, I’m going to have my boyfriend come out and beat you up.

At this point I leave, because I know she is part of an entitled neighborhood watch team trying to remove me from society trying to set me up any way shape and form. Especially with My Huntley’s comments “You have to life a careful life” after finding out he was making up every lie imaginable giving it to the world for control purposes telling me I have no civil rights to make decisions for myself, like what hobbies or careers I want to do, or even where to live.

We all know Mike was a lieing murderer, hence befriending someone for 20 years and trying to kill them.

Now, this bumper tap which she claims I’ve done horrible damage at 1-2 mph which bumpers are designed for. I took some pictures because I know how these people work. If you accidentally tap a bumper, the police are called and notified that you did something out of anger or rage. It does not matter that you don’t know this person, it does not matter that theirs no damage. All that matters is this mass empowered group will call the detectives they’ve spend 30 years trying to get any information to remove you from society, turn it into lies, and commit righteous crimes against you trying to empower themselves, and end your life looking like they’ve done right.

Also note, that this car is a dodge, which has been a common accusation using dodge rams and such parked over and over to get some kind of confession but when people go through millions of claims after claims you realize they are just lies and attempts to create mental illness. No more, no less.

So, here are the pictures of the car. Nothing from me from a 2 mph direct reverse backup tapping the license plate. Not even an imperfection. Not how she will state it when targeting a person with the intent to kill them or rid them of the world out of HATE, claiming lies he did this and that.

P1150561 P1150562 P1150565 P1150567 P1150568 P1150569 P1150570

Not only this, while threatening me what to do, and me leaving, she then puts a card on the persons car stating I’ve BASHED their car. So at this point, MANIPULATING someone else into their crime and having them call the police in their name making up false claims.

Well, why would someone manipulate someone else into believing what they say and have them do their dirty work  for them. 1) having multiple accusations makes it look more true.

2) try to make it look like a pattern

But if the person was not their, then what they say is just hear say. Maybe they want free repairs for the other damage. Who knows. But any forensics person can see that their front bumper doesn’t even have a scratch where it would have been “BASHED” and being that this person is wearing one of the same color patterns to passive aggressively provoke me tells me all I need to know. At one point her stating it’s not about me. Yea right.

Just as kelly hatched grabbed her car keys, moved her car to another lot, then made up lies I moved her jeep Cherokee, all because it’s not about me. And to send me hidden messages about moving people to create paranoid schizophrenia. Ok, sure, not about me at all. DIRECTLY, but secretly, it’s attempted murder with mass organized groups around the world.

So later this night, I go to get food and I notice she left a card on the other car. Stating to call officer Dinsey who is involved in this TARGETING and SETUPS to keep me quiet. Who moved from Van Nuys, to the Topanga office to not only try to set me up, but to blackmail me quiet.

Why would the METRO compex who have been tageting me since I moved in have this number and card.  Simple, they are told to follow me around, provoke me and if they get a reaction call the police. Or try to find any dirt possible and call the police.

Well wait, If I’d done something, they could arrest me, therefore, there is nothing I’ve done and I and they know it. But, what they really don’t like, is Whistle Blowers. People like me knowing about corrupt police organizations. Especially with the crimes they’ve committed against me and knowing that someone would be going to death row for what’s been done to me and my life.

Dinseycard2 Dinseycard

At this point I want it on record since these people have spent 30 years publicly creating wrap sheets of lies, giving them to the world and trying to have me killed in the grey areas of the law.

MyPolice Report2 MyPolice Report


So, once I go get some food at taco bell, because you know, I’m not allowed out at nights, that’s another crime according to them, they park a car in my spot with no plates.

do not know what this means, but most likely another tactic

P1150581 P1150582

More about the specifics and tactics to end my life at:

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