Psychological Mobbing – 9/6/2013 More people in umbrellas and wearing green and black

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today, more attempts to work on me until I snap, then make claims I can’t be trusted and need to be removed from society or have neighborhood watch groups based around me.

P1150793 P1150784 P1150785 P1150787

P1150783 P1150790 P1150798 P1150802 P1150806 P1150809 P1150827 P1150836 P1150840 P1150842 P1150844 P1150845 P1150848 P1150849 P1150854P1150864 P1150866 P1150868 P1150871 P1150874 P1150876 P1150878 P1150880 P1150898 P1150924 P1150928

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