Community Mobbing – 9/1/2013 – People come out in green and black to stop me from doing a timelapse

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today I decided,

I was going to grab my camera gear and do a simple time lapse of some buildings with a sunset for the sake of getting back into creating art which this mass 30 year mobbing is trying to prevent me from doing as well as everything else to create mental illness, and stop me from breathing.

They will make every lie imaginable to justify their actions as a coverup with the true intent to stop me from succeeding, or even stopping me from making money to provide food and shelter showing their true INTENT to create paranoid schizophrenia, and end my life or remove me from society.

As I get to the park around me house, I notice the park is completely empty, how it used to be before someone decided, me getting exercise so that I could get enough strength to be healthy enough to live was a crime notifying 100,000’s across a years time to come out with covert mental illness tactics to stop me from being healthy, telling me I had better move or they would kill me for some strange reason in their covert form of messages they send to me to threaten me.

These are the pics as I got to the park, you will notice no buddy in sight, so their excuse of, well theirs people here and your picking up patterns you want and it’s in your head.

P1150717 P1150718 P1150720 P1150701 P1150708 P1150709 P1150710 P1150711 P1150712 P1150713 P1150714

within about 30 minutes of my time lapse, people start coming out. Not around the whole park, but about a 500 feet circumference, one sequentilly after the next wearing solid black pants and solid green shirts. The same tactic used at My Brothers BBQ and everywhere else to try to PROVOKE me into a reaction then cry wolf, trying to bait me into a situation all day and night to get rid of me, all working together using technology world wide to do so.

You will notice people start walking right by me, and people within the complexes next to me start coming out wearing same colors. Some on bikes, some with kids, you name it to try to get that reaction so they can make up such lies like I’m sitting around with my camera harassing people, which is just one out of 1000’s of elaborate claims being given out to the world to stop me from living any sort of life.

P1150747 P1150749 P1150751 P1150758 P1150771 P1150774 P1150721
P1150726 P1150729 P1150746

At one point, the METRO complex neighbor of mine who seems to come to each location I do a shoot, and tells me I need to FORGET what they are doing to my life comes by and asks me how I am. I was polite and “said good, how about you” And I’m sure any reaction on any level he would get would be used against me with ill intent.


This lasted for about an hour until I started packing up and a girl come out win green and black as I’m leaving. I’d say this was about a 4 hour shoot, more to get back up on the horse, but once again, you can see the covert tactics to try to create mental illness, to stop me from having any sort of life.

Not only do I have no clue what these peoples problem is, just like I have no clue of my mother and brothers problems, just am more aware of their psychotic behaviors of hate, rage , and jealousy for doing nothing but being kind, generous, helpfull, and telling everyone all good things about them.

Once again, this is just another day of mental illness tactics to keep the REAL CRIME against me quiet.

For tactics:

Details on everything:

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