Michael Huntley’s involvement in this 30 year MURDER campaign

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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When I was about 29, I noticed something wasn’t right.

One of the first people to brake from their secret covert activities was my partner Mike Huntley who I had known since maybe 14. Originally my brothers friend.

When Mike Huntley felt he had dirt on me and backed me into a corner, he started trying to get anything possible to rile up the majority of the world to end my life in SECRET in a mass 30 year murder campaign.


Mike was responsible for sending these people after me like Jenn Hess, Julia Sophia, you name it. Person after person until I’m dead;

When Mike Huntley started showing his true colors, I could not comprehend what he was saying or where it was even coming from as this is someone who I’d known my whole life and was always their for him and so I thought vice versa,

He started to rant weird things. “I’m a monster”, he’s “using the system against me”

I “have not fell for any of his setups” I suffer from rage, when theirs an issue he notifies the public.

At this point him and his wife start working on me which I then notice 30 years of this type of pattern from each and every person in my life.

Now, if you’ve spent you life being open, honest, giving, caring, helpful to everyone in your life, and each of them are all working togethor to “use the system against you” to kill you, or make you look crazy to remove you from society, would you not be able to comprehend anything imagineable.

Not only this, but the majority of the world are on his side, and not one person in a direct sentence can tell you what the hell it’s really about.

The majority of the world is networked togethor to “Use the system against you” to rid you of the world.

Now, looking back, Not only was Mike Huntley originally my brothers friend, but my brother kept introducing me to friend after friend each one involved in setups.

One of his other friends Jason Baum, who he introduced to me in Colorado, had a man move in our place and squat while Jason Baum actually tried to manipulate me into scaring the guy with his gun. But it did not work, and I did not fall for it. Then to realize that someone actually put a bullet in my fathers Mercedes and was pinning it on me.

This is one out of 1000’s of these elaborate setups which later to realize that my own mother and brother are involved in a mass man hunt to end my life.

My brothers RAGE for me is endless. I’ve never done a thing to this person but be kind giving and caring. To find out since early childhood he would work the same ANGLES.

Provoke, provoke, provoke, Cry wolf, Provoke, provoke, provoke, Cry wolf, Provoke, provoke, provoke, Cry wolf, Provoke, provoke, provoke, Cry wolf,Provoke, provoke, provoke, Cry wolf

he would never stop. and when I moved away, they’d have stranger after stanger doing this. Using the system against me” Just like the lady waiting for me to come home yesterday in red and black.

hover over me, tell me what I can and cannot do, and if I tell her to get away starts threatening me and calling the cops, as well as make up lies to wipe me off the planet. Then the next person and the next one.

But once again, what is it I’ve done? I have no clue. Even to find out they had Kelly Hatch from my high school follow me to Oregon part of this campaign to end my life.

This girl would work every angle and tactic. Lies I’ve stolen her car, I’m doing something to her boyfriend.

Just like Elsie in our office, I’ve hit her, I’ve threatened her boyfriend, etc. What was this threat? I asked her if she had a boyfriend because we were talking about something and it was relevant.

But then a girl who claims you hit her who is working at you company because she thinks she looks like some other porn star making up cry wolf lies is someone who just wants you dead, no more, no less.

She can try to get confessions from my past, but that just shows even more her ANGLE and TACTICS.

She got these tactics from Lorena Escobar who was told to hire me, then try to kill me with mass office mobbings.

Now, all these people all around the world have networked togethor using the interenet EMPOWERED to commit crimes against me then make up LIES it’s my fault.

I’d guess 5 of these people in the office have similarities to porn stars features all to try to make me mentally ill.

With Porn Stars continually following me to Starbucks, and if I even look at them claim I’ve done something to them and have followed them, it is a clear elaborate setup.

Just like so called friends such as Tom Farley who were sent after me since the age 8 or so, making up lie after lie and giving it to the world in SECRET to create mental illness and tell me it’s my fault but I’m imagining it.


Not one of these sickos cane DIRECTLY state anything I’ve done because they know it’s not true, and they don’t want to be held ACCOUNTABLE for their LIES.

they are lieing MURDERERS clear and simple. They can make up any lie, excuse, you name it, but the truth is, it’s all based on an agenda.

Some of Tom Farlies earlier lies was that I was too sensitive. But he was the one befriending me with ulterior motives and he also followed me all around the world with Mike Huntley and this mass Murder group.

They can PREACH any lie they want, but the TRUTH is, they are LIEING MURDERERS. If they didn’t like me, they had the option to live their own lives and not target me.

Why does a man like Mike Huntley start a 6 year company to kill his friend working with his brother? I really could not say. Not only does it not make sense to me, but the fact that he has world wide support with a mass murder campaign is even stranger all preaching that I suffer from Paranoid Scitzofrenia to pin it on me and make it look like I am the problem. legations of I’m out doing something to the city as well as any other imaginable with world wide intent to thug and kill in the grey areas of the law. “Using the system against me”

For details on these MURDERERS actions you can go to this link explaining what they are involved in.


For specifics on this mass world wide campaign to end my life, who never stop until I’m dead because they need to cover up this mass crime you can go to


Because if this wasn’t a CRIME, they wouldn’t have to spend all day making me MENTALLY ILL to keep me quiet about the horrible things done to my life.

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