Community Mobbing – Starbucks Woodland hills – Dumetz

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today I left my house about 6 pm, needed to get some coffee to wake up.

I went to the Starbucks on

Topanga Cyn & Dumetz, Woodland Hill

4900 Topanga Canyon Blvd

Woodland Hills, CA 913643112


as I got there, like usual, they were prepared to harass me to death. 3 people were there with their feet on chairs which is a common tactic which they do after I rested my feet on a chair and they accuse me of committing a criminal act by doing this which they have taken the law in their own hands hunting me down with paranoid schizophrenia tactics and obsessional looping out of some secret hate and rage against me.

First was a girl and man from the  Coffeebean who was one of the first coffee locations hunting me down and trying to wipe me off the planet.

he Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Ventura & Corbin
19732 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364 United States


The man with her had his feet on the chair. The 2nd was one of the Starbucks employees waiting for me with her feet on the chair as well.

and the third was a man with his friend who has been targeting me with his friends at another location working with the employees at the previous Starbucks who they had a cop thugging me, not because anything I’ve really done, but because they just don’t like me and want to commit murder in the grey areas of the law where it look legal and make it look like I have a problem, which I clearly do now knowing they are trying to kill me.

he was trying to get confessions something about bikes and boxers, and anything else possible to rid me of the world which is common from person to person for 30 years.

What Starbucks is doing to me at every location in the world

Canoga & Oxnard, Woodland Hill

5960 N. Canoga Ave
Woodland Hills, CA 913675076


Details about previous locations and art timelapse which they did not like anyone standing up to attempted murderers with coverup stories to try to justify their actions

When I go buy some coffee, the employee, one I’ve never seen starts working the paranoid schitzofrenia tactics like usual to provoke me into a fight.

After I order the food the gay employee who followed me to this location with his friend, comes out talking to the man who was working with him at the previous starbucks a cop told me not to go too because the owner didn’t like me having a camera which they were trying to bait me into taking pictures of them.

He then comes out and puts his feet on a chair to bait me into a fight.


at this point, he doesn’t want proof so he tells the other female employee who had her feet up on the chair to come out tell me not to take pictures of their store. I made sure she knew that I was not on their property. I did not go into the legality of what I can take in public on public property which is anything, nor did I go into their baiting because they really don’t care, it’s just about what they want, and not what is right or wrong.

I agreed to not take pics on their property basically which they have this right to ask. But they do not have the right to try to make people mentally ill and kill them especially with world wide armies or that person will let people know that they are being targeted.

At this point, the man with I think a Persian girl who followed me from Tarzana coffeebean starts tapping his foot over and over which is one of Aubrey fishers initial tactics who befriended me  to wipe me off the planet.

If I recall the girl was someone who I thought was cute, did not say one word to her, but one of these tactics is, if you even look at me your threatened me. Especially with my mother bullshit lies at one point I looked at her in deep thought and she said “what is that, a death stare” well last I checked, if not one thing has been said to you, and your telling people you are threatening people by merely looking at them, You need to be dealt with for your issues of SMEARING other peoples names.

This was never a CONCERN, but a tactic out of HATE and RAGE to rid me of the world. If someone doesn’t have enough common sense that  Looking = attraction, then they themselves have issues  and are afraid of the world. And if they end up taking the law in their own hands because someone is attracted to someone else, they need to be locked away in a cell for their crimes.

In talking to this slime bag, first, he starts off pretending he knows me and does not know what’s going on. The usual tactic to try to get information to use against me to get rid of me, then follow me to the next location and do the same, then he asks me what my ANGLE is with my website, which I was clear, telling the WORLD the TRUTH, and not their covert SECRET LIES, and SMEAR campaigns which they all tell me I’m imagining. And if it has to be a secret, then nothing they say is the truth. They are just people who hate, follow people, and hunt them down. No more, no less. The rest is all smoke and mirrors, and cover up tactics.

He keeps playing stupid asking me why I just don’t go somewhere else, which we all know keeps happening at each and every place in the world, then playing stupid and telling me and the world I suffer from obsession, not moving on. This righteous piece of trash probably feels like I owe him an explanation, but I don’t,, because he does not like or trust me, he has the option to move on and go live his life, and not try to kill someone he doesn’t even know.

This will be done over and over at every single place I go to stop me from existing, then make it look like I’m crazy. If anyone has an ANGLE it is these people all of them involved in 30 year campaign networking all across the world using the internet to end my life using psychology and the grey areas of the law to do so, then make it look like it’s my fault for the coverup.

This will go from person to person until I’m dead. Weather it’s to shutdown my nervous system or just to drive me crazy. The douchebag pretending to be my friend keeps asking question to make it look like I’m crazy. “Your strong to keep resisting continual harassment, you go forever”  ok, well what are my options, die? or try to live. Trying to make it look like it’s somehow my fault I’m being hunted my entire life with world wide campaigns.

The question in itself is absurd to even ask, and the reality is, if your concerned or like someone, don’t try to kill them, and if your not, then live your own life.

But the usual tactic to make the crime look like my fault is just that, a cover up for attempted murder.

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  1. Hmm says:

    Has it not ever occurred to you that perhaps people put their feet up on chairs because it is comfortable and not actually anything to do with you at all?


    • It has occured to me, except when it’s like 10 a day at each location I go too, and when they see me. And when I pretend to leave, they all stop, and it’s been happeening over and over for 12 years. So no, it’s a group targeting me as the pictures and reports show. Since when you go out, you will need see teams mimicking you, just random events which is normal


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