Community Mobbing – Coffeebean trying to kill me for asking him how he was as well as other phrases

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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At one point in this mass campaign to end my life,

While being kind and cordiage to everyone, as being kind and cordial is apparently a crime to the mind of a MURDERER, I said an employee I saw all the time “Hi, how are you”

Now, being that this person, or I should say, this mass group of sick demented people hunting me down with my mother and brother running around turning world wide communities against me to end my life for absolutely now reason, my punishment for this generosity is to tell every business in the world to mimic me and say “hi, how are you” to create paranoid schizophrenia.

Now we all know that being nice, cordial, polite is socially acceptable. And some of my sick demented scumbags trying to kill me has COWARDLY and HINTLY suggested that I’ve crossed the boundaries by walking into a business I’m always in and being kind to people stating that I am somehow mixing business with pleasure or have ulterior motives.

Anyone claiming that this is not SOCIALLY acceptable and hunts down and tries to kill someone for it in the masses and a MURDER, and a menace to society.

My mother will PREACH about her socially acceptable bullshit, but my mother lives in a fantasy world who has no concept of reality, then follows you around punishing you for things that are clearly NORMAL.

Not only have I seen several other people walk into businesses and have complete dialogs about their life or events,  aside from being told it’s a crime to say “Hi” “Hello” or “How are you” but this is only done to me to use my sentences to create mental illness and wipe me off the planet.

These people will COWARDLY tell me I’ve done something wrong and have to change, when they themselves do it everywhere in life as it would impossible not too.

Even the police have worked on me with this tactic as they, I, and everyone else knows this is the norm in life.

Only to me will I be accused of things that are normal while MURDERERS claim it is not to gain leverage to try to end my life with Mental illness tactics saying such things as I can’t see myself, and it’s my personality.

We all know these and just new ANGLES to end my life. And in the long run, why would anyone in their right mind care if I asked them how they were, unless they were a psychotic murderer, yet alone work with a world wide Gang Stalking group to end someone’s life for being kind and generous.

Also, being that my family actually thinks in LITERAL terms, and when they say “No good deed, goes unpunished” they actually literally hunt you down and try to kill you for being nice to people claiming you are crazy and don’t know social standards.

This is just one out of 1000’s of tactics used to try to make me mentally ill and kill me, yet, my family, my friends, or not one person in the world can tell me what it is they REALLY accuse me of that they have spend my entire life trying to exterminate me with mass psychological warfare tactics, especially being that my entire family has them for the sole purpose to kill or control people.

These tactics are also used when I said “Have a good one”, hows it going”  and I’m sure a million others accusing me of committing some crime, while my sick demented mother claims I think differently from others, which would be accurate in regards to psychotic behavior.

And the true INTENT is to stop me from talking to anyone at all, so I can’t live my life or achieve anything in regards too it with their bigger picture, working every psychological warfare tactic to end my life any way shape and form

While this is at at Starbucks in Tarzana, it is also done at Coffeebean and all other coffee shops world wide for simply trying to go in, relax and get some coffee or get things done, The same tactics done to me at each and every place worldwide

More details about this mass world wide campaign to end my life at:

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