Today I went down to see my lawyer in Beverly hills in regards to this mass world wide campaign to create mental illness and end my life.

This is in regards to the Police working with My Brothers restaurant to try to set me up, provoke me, bait me into situations to remove me from society, and then cover it up by smearing my name and making it look like I have psychological issues in my personality that need to be delt with that don’t exist to rid me of the world.  in a mass world wide covert operation.

After I left my Lawyers office, I went to eat at a restaurant, first time of course called Cafe Il Tramezzino. In entering the resteruant, I was met with a hole bunch of inuendos from employees working on me trying to provoke me into a fight by guilting me with Ideas of references about the lies they made up about me and gave to the world for the sole purpose to make me mentally ill and end my life.


I was met with , Hey Buddy, Boss, and Bro, which is said over and over until the end of time until I confess to false confessions that I have done things to people they are referring too or they will kill me. Point being, they want to rid me of the world so they want me to confess to anything possible to get rid of me. They know damn well I’ve never done anything to anyone, and that these are merely secret world wide lies that each and every person makes up on a daily basis and give to the world in SECRET telling me I’m imaging it.

If I had really done anything to anyone, it would not be MARKETED world wide, and it would have been addressed. Therefore it is merely a campaign to end my life in the grey areas of the law and tell me I’m imagining it and crazy.

So the man says, I can sit anywhere, so I go to the one open outside table, and sit down as he comes out making up lies that the table is reserved. I polity move to an indoor table where he then pretends to get mad at me continually calling me “Boss” which is one of Lorena Escobar and this mass groups smears to rile up the majority of the world to use them as tools to create mental illness and end my life in the grey areas of the law telling me I’m imagining it.


Side note about Lorena Escobars lies and world wide pre meditated smear tactics to end my like and intentionally try to cause mutilations praying on weakness. When I was hired, By Lorena Escobar. She would go around telling the employees I was doing all these things I wasn’t and then using her employees to follow me around doing everything possible to create mental illness, etc. Every tactic imaginable, then cover it up, making up lies that this is because I am doing this. Which still would not justify her actions.

My fathers own Limo driver, which is his company, even overheard her saying this to her employees. After hiring me, I was approached on a normal basis and INVITED out to lunch each time with her and my father, and not once did I ask. Due to the fact that Lorena is a territorial predator, she could not deal with this, and had strangers showing up at restuarants in patterns of two, or telling the employees to say things in specific ways over and over to create mental illness and try to make it look like I’ m crazy to rid me of the world.

At one point when getting back to the office, Lorena as behind me starts singing “Welcome to the Jungle” basically telling me her inuendo intentions, and then trying to use the fact that I listen to music and sing as an excuse that it’s my fault to find out they she and this group of people in college were introducing me to music and then coming after me for it.

For example I had one Narc friend Eric Christianson introduce me to a band called “Cherry Poppin Daddy’s” which despite some of the vulger lyrics is an EXCEPTIONAL band. Due to the fact that I liked the band they, and Lorena would run around spewing out that I’m a pedaphile and other various lies based on the mere fact that this is a name of the band, and it’s somehow my fault, as well as being mad at me as if I’ve committed a crime because she doesn’t like the name of the band, or better yet, trying to make up any CLAIM possible to smear my name from a simple listening to an album, while they then went from band to band, as if listening to other bands is a crime as well.

Just like her tactics of using my screen names, to PUBLICLY accuse me of blatant lie and lie.

Now, in this office, where Lorena Escobar is spewing lies that I’m trying to take over my fathers company, well, lets talk about facts, and not EMPTY blatant ACCUSATIONS.

FIrst off, I am in the office maybe 6 – 8 hrs a week. The normal hours for the average employee and 95% businesses in the u.s. is 40 hrs a week. All their employees are there for 40 hrs a week, and they is no problem with them.

Also, one of their issues is they want a decent running network, but she does not want me in the office at all, which defeats the purpose of what she wants. And then if I focus on side jobs, she get’s mad, and sabotages my external relationships for trying to do bigger and better things claiming she is “Trying to protect the company” by using mental illness tactics and defamation to destroy my life.

At one point, she hired an employee named Connie who she then asked me to move desks to give me mine. Not only did I not hesitate and politely moved locations, She still is running around telling everyone I’m trying to take over the company.

At this point I realized the was working with Brian Longbothum, my old boss at Modern Video film, where they are both ENRAGED, that when I was hired for visual FX at Modern Video Film. Brian asked me to sit at an employees desk, which had 3d studio on it, and show him what I could do. When I did, Brian moved the employee to another desk.

This was clearly not my decision, but the BOSSES decision which I followed. Now Lorena is using this STORY, taking it out of CONTEXT giving it to the world how I think I’m the boss for listening to orders, and wronging others by it when this is not public information anyways, and how she got it, is beyond me. But her MOTIVE of these things, world wide, over and over, shows what she is doing.

Espeically using people named for hidden messages, like “Connie” trying to get confessions, and running around using music to harass me, then claim all these things are somehow my fault.

At one point, Lorena told me the company was not making money and asked me if I would take a pay cut. I said in the interest of the company, and my job I would. Now, does this sound like a greedy decision to take less money for the future of your job. I would think I would want all the money possible and try to take everything possible is I was this tyrant.

Also, at one point, Lorena had her friend Debbie Groveman call me up ask me to fix her computer. After I fixed this persons computer she wanted to talk to me, which was strange, and her conversation was about how Lorena is not a good employee and I should take over the company and for the future of my will. My response to Debbie Groveman was. Not only could I not care less about the medical industry. Also, It’s a lost leader as far as work comp. Also I see bigger and better things. and also, whatever my father decides to do with his own money after he dies is his own business.

Since Lorena didn’t get the dirt she wanted. She never stopped pursuing her quest to end me no matter what even though the truth was clear at this point, she then jumps to the next lie and smear. Which leads me to believe since Lorena has no education, hired all friends and family to support her mobbing, could never get a management job anywhere else, she has clear ulterior motives most likely for that money she wants to life support that maybe she feels owed or something.

Common sense tells us, that having an IT person in the office for 40 hrs a week, to be there to make sure everyone is happy makes sense. common sense tells us, that Lorena with all her friend/employees demanding I take down the firewall, during a DOS attack of upwards of over 20 million attacks per day, shows us her motives, a well as ever taking it down. Plus all of the people she has intentionally screwing up and sabotaging the network,

Also, by me being Pro-Active about updating and fixing computers before something goes wrong. Example if one computers adobe reader is old and they can’t read the files they need, I update everyones computer off hours so that their is no problem. Well according to Lorena and this mass group, I am trying to take over the company by this type of behavior. When the OBVIOUS is, I’m trying to keep the network stable so she has less problems as well as doing what I was hired for. This of course in unacceptable to her on both sides. If I am pro active, I am taking over the company, and if I am not and their are problems and people can’t work, I am incompetent. Now let’s say Lorena is an impossible person for arguments sake. Fine, then why is she spewing these LIES to the entire WORLD in SECRET. This is not gossip, rumors, or people talking but systematic information delivery to the world to destroy my reputation.

Why would people in India, Russia, Beverly hills, Utah, Florida know this from a tiny company of 20 or less employees. and then tell me I’m imagining it.

Such as having Val delete their last 15 yrs of data, as well as other mentions at lunch that someone could delete something, and the next day it happening on multiple occasions showing it is not a coincidence, but someone with ULTERIOR MOTIVES sabotaging the network and trying to make me look incompetent, just like she’s been doing to my private life world wide, since she was hired maybe 25 years ago CLAIMING she is trying to protect the company even when I was off at college in other states.

Now, her running around making up lies, I am conforming to people, trying to take over the company, trying to steal peoples ideas, something about copying,  Are all lies and smears she and this group of people use to sabotage my life to try to control what I do.

Why would Lorena or anyone else give a fuck about private conversation on dates or whatever else, and been doing this for 30 yrs, if her motives weren’t ill intent.  If Lorena and this group did not like me, then they’d be happy I was pursuing my own businesses, etc and not following me around sabotaging my life.

Lorena knows this, and most of the people involved know this. Not on of these people can directly state ANYTHING I’ve ever done to people, because they know that they are LIES in the first place.

So, on this note, when Lorena and Crew tell the world I am trying to take over the company, not only do they have zero factual evidence, all the facts show exactly what it is.

Last week employees kept making up lies that the scanner was broken and each one I walked up to their file explorer and sorted by date, and they were there. You could say, they could not find them which was never a problem before, or whatever.

We then have a legit issue with the scanner, and Lorena tries to do one of her confession diggings, and text ne. “This is not a game” my knowing that she’s full of shit, and lieing murdere, and is trying to SPIN what she’s doing to me, and then try to get a confession that I’m playing games with people.

Not only can Lorena come up with one situation in my life for 40 years I’ve played some kind of GAME with someone. Lorena will make up claims that I play games with people If I go out on dates, and decide it’s not working out claiming I am playing games with people and such.

At one point Lorena was CLAIMING that I though we were friends after she asked me to do a photoshoot with her then telling the entire Model Mayhem as well as world wide all the horrible things I’ve done to her, by saying, “ok, I can shoot you”

At this point using to media output as a new set of CLAIMS that then I’e wronged her because she doesn’t like the final product sending millions after me because I said I would photograph her.

First off, If Lorena didn’t like me, and I’m this monster, then WHY did she ask me to do a photoshoot with her? same goes for hiring me? On all aspects, she has criminal intent. Her defense, even before approaching me is spewing LIES to the world, trying to get me close to prove anything possible to end my life.

Point being, when people are calling me BOSS all day and night, because Lorena is literally spewing out LIES like this in a funded operation, it’s not about people who don’t trust, and it’s not about miss communication, it’s about a clear and obvious calculated pre meditated smear/murder campaign.

I’d love to hear 1 single fact that I’ve ever done to show this, but we all know, this is WHY it has to be a giant SECRET telling me I’m imagining it.

So, once I sit inside, showing them, It doesn’t matter to me, they then get mad, and the waiter keeps calling me “BOSS” over and over again to bait me into a fight. We all know I’ve done nothing  to anyone, and we all know these people are trying to stop me from even eating food.

Now, how is this relevant? well, My Brothers, and even Officer Jensen, claim, that I have OCD and am obsessed with going to My Brothers Restaurant, even though they are doing these things. Well, this would be true, if this only happened at one place, and not every place in the world. Then, they might have an argument especially if it didn’t show pre-meditated and calculated systematic attempts to end my existence and cover it up on a daily basis from person to person.

Just as me doing 8-10 photoshoots is not OCD as opposed to the people doing 1000’s a year.

FInally, of course, when it comes time for the bill and tip, he’s nice. Well guess what. He did not get a tip due to his criminal behavior, and using covert tactics. Just as I was called “Bro” I don’t know how many times today, because these people want a confession about something or another 1000 lies my brother has been spewing out with innuendos, then claiming, I suffer from paranoia to cover up their ACTIONS. And normally not only is every restuarnat told to harass me to DEATH, but then if they don’t get a tip, they harass me even more as if its my fault! Then making up LIES and BULLSHIT stating things to others that I just can’t see myself.

P1120667 P1120647

Just as when I was polite to a Coffee Bean employee by asking how he was since seeing him all the time, he then with this group told every business in the entire world to mimic me to create mental illness and cannot tell me one thing I’ve ever done to anyone, and also accusing me of somehow doing something to this person by caring enough to ask how he was.

This people are LIARS and MURDERS. I cannot tell you which person started this mass campaign to end my life, I can just start with My Mother and Brother in an ANGRY RAGE to end my existence due to them being Paranoid Psychotics.

These people will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to stop the TRUTH from coming out, because if you spend 30 years trying to smear and kill someone, especially in a mass world wide conspiracy, general, it’s something you don’t want the world to know. Especially as far as accountability in HUNTING someone down and trying to torcher them to death, then spinning the story stating it’s their fault and they have a problem.

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