Community Mobbing – Starbucks, Lemongrass Thai Food

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today I woke up late, around 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm, you can imagine what an average day is for a man who’s been HUNTED by millions for over 30 years with everyone working togethor to end his life and keep it covered up with mental illness campaigns to IMMOBILIZE me from speaking out about the truth that these people want me dead and cannot come up with one thing I’ve ever done to anyone, while trying to coerce and blackmail me into false confessions, or worse, provoke me 1000 times per day until my nervous system gives out to keep me quiet of this mass world wide 30 year crime.

As I’m leaving my house, one of the neighbors in the METRO complex which surrounds my place pulls his lexus out as he takes off the plates and waits for me too leave. As I pull away, he thinks I am gone, and he pulls it back in his complex.


I then proceed to Starbucks to get some coffee to wake up and sit around for a while because it takes me a while to get in gear. But of course the Starbucks Corporation is notified their entire chain to mob me to death for crimes of being in the bathroom longer then 30 seconds, or not sitting perfectly straight, or brushing my hair out of my eyes and things like this. Using it as an EXCUSE to cover their true MOTIVES saying I am out of control and somehow I’m doing something t oa bunch of strangers I don’t know who are following me around digging for dirt for the last 30 years to give to the world for reasons, I do not know.

As I get to Starbucks, of course their are more cars who have taken off their plates, I counted 3 of them. One man even didn’t take off his plate but tried to cover it with film I’m guessing he was afraid of being pulled over, but wanted to try to make me mentally ill as well.

P1120750 P1120746

Closeup of man covering his plate up

P1120749 P1120748

As I was sitting around for abut 45 minutes, teams of people started to come wearing solid black which is one of their mental illness tactics. I took a few pics but of course could not get all of them

P1120753 P1120758 P1120764 P1120752

Finally a man is told to come out, walk by me, and whistle which is one of the original tactics after I found out something was being done to my life where literally over 25 – 60 whistles per day to make me mentally ill and kill me.

At this point I went to get some food at Lemon Thai resturuant who apparently last visit did not like me speaking out about the TRUTH, which is odd, because most people in this world are about right and wrong, and not hunting someone down over 30 years, then trying to blackmail and murder him to not speak out and be quiet about a mass murder campaign. In the attempt to stop me from buying food and eating which goes on at every place I go with clear intent to end my life.

Note this is also one of the many places, that kept harassing me after I gave them tips, and then when I stopped tipping them because they were harassing me for it, they then started to harass me even more working with other restaurants all networked together telling them to work the same tactics on me to try to get me to do what they wanted instead of providing good decent service which I would have gladly tipped as I’ve done my whole life until finding out what they were doing.

Lemongrass Thai

(818) 703-6608 | 22205 Sherman Way , Canoga Park , CA 91303s

When I got there, they had 2 Identical Black Lincolns both with “Keyes” plates on parked next too each other which is their common patterns of two’s tactic.

Also I should note that when I was going to Starbucks Encino, they literally had 100’s of cars per night parking in the shopping center where people put on dealer plates every single night in a very large shopping center lot to end my life making up lie after lie as to why I was there and what I was up too to cover up their criminal actions and rile up more people to end my life.


After I go into the Restaurant and order food. A man comes out, moves his car, being a KIA,  turns it around, and parks it backwards right in front of the restaurant to help the other people make me mentally ill for buying food or keeping me quiet about their crimes of pre-meditated and calculated continual attempted murder directed at me for over 30 years.

P1120782 P1120779 P1120781

When I ordered the mussles, just like the restaurant I was at a couple days ago, they said they were out. This may or may not be, but considering this mass world wide 30 year network to end my life, and the patterns of two’s tactics, this most likely is the case of continual mental illness tactics. Also, one of the employees sits down at a table across from me, and whistles As well as a man on the way home in another parking lot see’s me and whistles.

Also as I leave, the girl says “Have a good one” which is a common tactic of telling every business to mimic back that sentance as I leave to try to make me look crazy in a passive aggressive tactic to provoke me into a fight and then figure out ways to tell the world of the horrible things I’ve done if I react. This is a tactic started by my own brother at the ageg of 10 or so where he would beat me up, hit me in the back of the head, tell me he has bugging equipment in my room or do anything possible to try to terrorize me, provoke me, immobilize me, telling the world LIES to cover up his ACTIONS and remove me from society.

And of course, on the way home, several other cars all over with no plates, especially keyes dealer plates parked backwards. I only took a few of these. I should also note that around my few places in town today I noticed about 30 – 40 cars without plates.

P1120801 P1120784

This is once again a all day and night mass Murder campaign with mass communities world wide to end my life, to cover up a mass crime against me while trying to find dirt to SMEAR my name and cover up their true ACTIONS, and MOTIVES, and INTENTIONS claiming that everything I do, which is no different then anyone else is someone wrong for me, but ok for the rest of the world in an ATTEMPT to tell people I think differently then others and am crazy.

The only way I think differently is finding out what these people have been doing to my life, as they refuse to leave me alone claiming I am somehow doing something to complete strangers by living my own life. If they weren’t smearing my name to the entire world and following me from place to place doing this all day and night, their would not be a problem, and the mere fact that they are telling me I’m imagining it, and it’s somehow my fault shows that they are MURDERERS.

Not only this, but if someone feels that by me not sitting straight is about them, then they can address the issue rather then tell the world I’ve committed a crime in front of someone I do not know as I’m just minding my own business as usual.

To tell the world 1000’s of lies and tell me I’m imagining it for over 30 years is a clear CRIME on every level. Defamation, Stalking, Pre-Meditated attempt to kill, especially when asked to leave me alone, and they refuse working with larger and larger numbers each time I move on to the next place or person just trying to live my life.

What Starbucks is doing to me at every location in the world

More specifics about this mass murder campaign which these poeple are trying to cover up and pin it on me with every lie and smear possible telling me I’m imagining it at:

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