Community Mobbing – 7/4/2014 – Coffee Bean and Home

Posted: July 5, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today I went to coffee bean at

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
18505 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91356 United States

When I got there, there were cars without plates and a black pickup parked backwards in same spot as yesterday where cars were parked backwards


I sat outside and about 1 hour later at 5:50 P.m. People started coming out in solid black pants, and solid blue shirts

P1080132 P1080133 P1080134 P1080141 P1080149 P1080152 P1080131

After this, they started coming out in all white

P1080137 P1080148

A lady in black sits down, for about 10 minutes while a man yells “Hey” and picks her up, afterwards,

a man in white sits at her table when she leaves, and when he leaves, another man in all white sits there.

As I’m leaving, a car is parked another car is parked without plates in same spot 2 cars were yesterday.


Yesterday with no plates


When I leave and go home, in front of my garage entrance is a civic without plates


This is an all day and night world wide mental illness campaign to remove me from society. It has been going on since 10 years old with the intent to either push me out of control to try to get me to do something they can arrest me for or push me to suicide to end my life any way possible.

While this is at at Starbucks in Tarzana, it is also done at Coffeebean and all other coffee shops world wide for simply trying to go in, relax and get some coffee or get things done, The same tactics done to me at each and every place worldwide

For details on this mass 30 year terror campaign started at 10 years old you can go to

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