Community Mobbing – 7/5/2014 – 2 civics without plates, 2 pickups, 3 honda accords where I live

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Later in the afternoon when I come home, I notice that 2 people with honda civics without license plates park them on my stree(t.

P1080245 P1080246 P1080253

Also, that night, I notice 2 people with pickups park them togethor in the spot where the neighborhood gets all their pickups out and parks them. mostly white or black.


and by my gate where I walk out, just like the other night 2 white Honda accords and a red one across from it.

P1080224 P1080227
P1080230 P1080234P1080228

This is an all day and night 30 year mental illness campaign to figure out how to remove me from society or I went crazy and make it look like I am the problem started by my family working with the police riling up a world wide campaign,. For details you

can go to

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