Community Mobbing – 6/20/2014 – Harassments at Home, Starbucks, park, and Panda Express, 2 Accords

Posted: June 21, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today I left home late afternoon around 5 and went to Starbucks for some coffee and to get my day starts.

As I left my house I was met with 4 Honda civics. 3 Gray and 1 blue.

2 of them were parked together with the usual tactic by my gate where I walk out

P1060064P1060066 P1060068 P1060069

the others down the street

P1060073 P1060097

Once I got to Starbucks, I noticed patterns of people coming in with solid black pants and solid pink shirts and orange.

CYMERA_20140620_182425 CYMERA_20140620_201648 CYMERA_20140620_174002 CYMERA_20140620_174652

Once man, wearing pink and black saw me so when he sat down rested feet on chair to mimic me which is a common tactic previously done by 1000’s over the years after I did it reading a book.


Starbucks people with orange

P1060209 P1060212 CYMERA_20140620_174612 CYMERA_20140620_183223

I then drove home and on my way home by the park, I noticed people coming out wearing either solid orange shirts, or solid orange shirts with black pants as well as pink and black pants, same as at Starbucks. Once again, this is less then 10 minutes at the park not all day waiting around for it.

P1060207 P1060100 P1060122 P1060125 P1060130 P1060132 P1060158 P1060169 P1060171 P1060176 P1060177 P1060180 P1060182 P1060183 P1060191 P1060195 P1060198 P1060202 P1060206

Right before I left starbucks someone came in wearing all white mimicking me as he spoke to the employee


On my way home as I got to my street, a cop car saw me driving the other way, and he pulls to the corp and sits watching my street or me. I can only presume since I have been hunted by the police since 10 trying to remove me from society they are trying to scare me quiet. They are there for about 2o minutes.


later on, I went to Panda Express to get some food, as the whole place was packed and a line to the door. I came in with what seemed like a kind police officer and he seemed polite, except when he spoke to the Panda Employees, he said “No Worries” which is one of the trigger copycat tactics to try to provoke me into situations to start fights which by now you can see the 1000’s of these types of tactics since I was 10 years old to set me up and remove me from society.

When I walked into Panda, their was no buddy wearing orange.  But within the 15 minutes I was there, teams of people came in wearing either orange, or orange and black.

P1060233 P1060234 P1060220 P1060222 P1060225 P1060226 P1060228 P1060230

On my way home from the park, more people were their wearing orange and black. And you can even see the couples came out togethor both wearing orange and black

P1060243 P1060235

At night, 2 people from the Metro complex pulled out 2 honda accords

P1060261P1060256 P1060259
P1060264 P1060266

Also, just like earlier at the Starbucks, a man comes out of the complexes crosses the street also wearing all white just as I left Starbucks showing them doing their normal patterns of 2’s

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture

As you can see, this is an all day and night 30 year campaign to passive aggressively set me up and remove me from society by trying to make it look like I am too sensitive by using passive aggressive and psychological warfare tactics. each person will claim I am doing something to them, call the police or notify the world masses of their lies. and of course leave out the continual all day and night provoking which sometimes upwards of 10,ooo a day with people telling me I have to do what they say or they will end my life in this manor. They will try to justify their actions by saying I have anger and rage and no self control. Each person will claim I’ve done something to justify this mass crime.

The police have been hinting I committed a crime, but they are saying things like me being in my car driving and accidentally tapping my foot is a crime and telling the world to hunt me down try to set me up for things like this is ok. They are the criminals taking things that don’t matter twisting the story and hunting me down trying to set me up any way possible to remove me from societ using every covert terror tactics with world wide commnities to try to bait me into situations or having people follow me from place to place trying to bait me into reactions claiming I am following them.

But the truth is simply I’ve done nothing and this is a mass hate crime started by my family working with the police and world wide communities to rid me of the world using the system against me.

What Starbucks is doing to me at every location in the world

For details on this 30 year targeting you can go to

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