Community Mobbing – 6/17/2014 – People at Starbucks tapping to provoke me and people t the park in Red and Black

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today I went to a meeting and after the meeting I needed coffee and some air. I stopped at a Starbucks I’d never been too but since this is a world wide endless terror campaign I will be provoked at every place in the world with hidden paranoid schitzofrenia and obsessional looping tactics to remove me from society.

Ventura & Yolanda, Tarzana

  • 18700 Ventura Blvd.
  • The Village Walk
  • Tarzana, CA 913563303

At first, the Employee was acting shy and passive, not being able to get the order right. he was very polite, but at the end of the transaction of course said “Have a good one” which is what employees at every business are told to say in a robotic manor to create paranoia because it’s every place and not a coincidence. Although it appears polite and invisible to the eye and if I get mad they will turn it around that I am crazy and harassing people.

I proceed to sit outside, where I move a table out of the sun and sit as a couple at a better spot move, I sit there instead. He instantly comes out with a broom, and then moves the table I moved to another location. He is then nice and talkative, but I suspect he was trolling with these weird behaviors which is what has been going on with every person in my life since 10 years old to try to make me look crazy.

I do not react and talk to him. After this, a man sits in front of me, and starts endlessly tapping a comb. Tapping is a common tactic and one of the older ones that was started by a girl who befriended me and was hunting me down with this group and working closely with Tom Farley.  One day while Aubrey asked me to join her for a photo shoot to give her technical expertise, she didn’t like me tapping me foot. So she went around notifying the world on this mass terror campaign that if the see me, keep tapping to try to make me mentally ill and end my life. This went on for maybe 6 years or more while every person imagineable world wide would see me and start tapping as Aubrey was part of a mass terror campaign of course claiming I had wronged her by tapping my foot and I need to be removed from society. Although the reality is this has nothing to do with someone who is crazy as Aubrey Fisher just like everyone else in my life is not crazy, but rather have a hidden agenda to remove me from society with a mass endless world wide mental illness campaign since 1o years old.

I have video here of endless tapping for over 25 minutes of the man sitting in front of me. At several points I start whistling to see how he would react because whistling was one of their first terror tactics. At first when he hears me whistle, he does it more showing that he knows what’s going on. Not sure if it’s on video. After this, he catches on but does not stop tapping.

Also, it should be noted that the night before I posted song lyrics having fun from the beatles “Woke up, fell out of bed,
Dragged a comb across my head ”

this tactic is done continually, for example, if I grab my camera and go on photo shoots, people will park Toyota Camry’s in front of my gate, or if I ask a girl out, people will park pickup trucks in patterns. This is to create paranoid schizophrenia, and obsessional looping and is done over and over endlessly until it is no longer coincidence.


Also, while sitting there, a man in Solid black pants and solid green shirt walks by and makes a mouth noise which is another older tactic. Bot the Green and black which in a lot of my blogs you can see teams of people following me around wearing the same colors upwards of 15 an hour at some locations. This color combination and the mouth noises are common provoking tactics done endlessly at every location especially the Van Nuys courthouse waiting in lines and such.

I then went to get food at a restaurant called Pozzi’s where once again, the lady was nice, police called me sir, etc. But when the waitress walked out the door, to give me my food, she said “Hello” and about 10 minutes later a girl comes walking in and as she does very loud says HELLO as walking through the door. This is hard to nail down as normal or coincidence, but these tactics are done all the time. And yes people say hello, but the way they did it seems obvious. Example, people don’t usually walk outside with your food after you said hello and say it like that. Also, the next person usually doesn’t say it extremely loud suggesting that they are doing their patterns of 2’s tactics they normally do to create paranoid schizophrenia. Most likely the girl would walk up to the counter and at a normal voice level say hello, and not yell it at the door.

On my way home as I drive by the park next to my house I notice teams of people came out wearing Solid black pants and solid red shirts. This is another tactic and these people all came out notified today to do so. These pictures were taken in minutes, and I didn’t wait around.

P1050851 P1050859 P1050845 P1050847

What Starbucks is doing to me at every location in the world

This is an all day and night campaign going on for over 30 years started with my family working with the police to try to figure out how to remove me from society. They will do everything to torcher me, tell me to go on meds, and if I don’t I have to live with their terror campaign or until they can try to get a reaction to remove me from society by trying to push me out of control or push me to suicide. This is an endless 30 year attempt on my life starting with my own mother and brothers lies while each person that comes in my life takes part with the masses and tries to end my life world wide.

For details on this campaign to end my life you can go to

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