Community Mobbing – 4/26/2014 – METRO neighbors parking 2 motorcycles and 2 bmw’s to create mental illness

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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P1230264 1I9I2985 1I9I2988Today when leaving my house, I noticed the METRO neighbors once again are parking cars in patterns of 2’s to create mental illness to either figure out how to push me out of control to remove me from society or figure out how to create enough pain to push me to suicide with a covert world wide mental illness campaign using paranoid schitzofrenia and obsessional looping tactics as well as many more.

First, they parked a motorcycles in this spot, later on, moved it and someone else parked a different motor cycle

First Bike


Second Bike


Then more towards where I walk out,  they parked 2 almost identical gray BMW’s

1I9I2985 1I9I2988

Also, as I was walking out to my car, one of the Metro neighbors came out at the same time wearing the same thing I was wearing yesterday, and holding a large SLR camera, like I had today and yesterday. My sick demented mother would tell me I couldn’t see myself and this are the types of things she would have people do justifying her actions with her lies.


For details on this world wide mental illness/terror campaign that has been going on since 10 yrs old you can go to

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