Community Mobbing – 4/23/2014 – METRO neighbors parking Prius’s and Odyssey’s in 2’s to create mental illness

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Tonight when going outside for a walk, the METRO neighbors once again in their involvement with a 30 year murder/terror campaign are working every angle and tactic to end my life or remove me from society claiming I’ve committed some crime to justify their criminal actions and cover them up.

By my gate as I walk out there are 2 Odyssey’s parked across from each other


P1230243 P1230245
P1230254 P1230260

and about 200  feet down the street which isn’t that long 2 Prius’s


P1230265 P1230267 P1230279

These are just 2 things done that are the more provable mental illness tactics, and not the 100’s to 1000’s of people working on me per day offline that is less provable. But this shows what they are doing and they can no longer make up lies that I’m crazy and imagining this mass 30 year murder/ terror campaign out of their endless hate and rage for whatever reasons they may have.

The only crime I’ve committed is questioning what is going on and at that point they realized I knew too much about them trying to covertly remove me from society so the have to cover it up by making me look crazy and either removing me from society or ending my life.

For details on this 30 year campaign started by my family working with the police to end my life go to

For the specific mental illness tactics go to

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