Gang Stalking – 4/22/2014 – METRO complex parking 2 sonatas, 2 civics, and 2 white pickups in front of my place to create mental illness

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Once again, the METRO complex has been doing everything possible to either push me to suicide or figure out ways to remove me from society by trying to push me out of control.

I believe these escalated attacks in the last couple of days is because George and Lorena Escobar didn’t like me walking around with a camera and I said “Why, do you have something to hide” a couple hours later some person in a car pulled aside me and wanted to know why I was taking pictures at the park trying to provoke me into a situation. If people weren’t targeting me I could focus on taking artistic pictures and not try to stop the people endlessly attacking me because I originally got into photography to create art. At this point Lorena Escobar asked me to do a photo shoot, then making world wide claims I had somehow done something to her by her asking me for my services.

But this is a common tactic to get in everything I do and then smear my name in order to remove me from society or push me to suicide by making it look like it’s social pressure when infact it is a systematic and coordinated terror campaign since 10 years old using psychological warefare covered up.

Today, when I came home from Starbucks and shopping at Fry’s which all the Fry’s employees are told to harass me to try to get a reaction to make me look crazy and remove me from society which is a 30 year campaign started by the police and my family because they just decided they didn’t like me. Just like Adolf  Hitler.

When I got home, I notice on one site of the complex was a Black Sonata with no license plate and a keys license plate cover which is a common tactic using cars with either no plate or these keys dealer plates.

P1230135 P1230156

on the other side of the complex was a girl waiting in a white Sonata, and as I drive by she starts laughing, and takes off. I got a pick of her taking off. She was doing nothing but trying to get me to chase her which is the common tactic my brother started with this mass mob at the age 10 with my ffamily. He would follow me around bashing me in the head from behind, or flicking my ear to try to get me to go after him then tell me parents I attacked him and am crazy. This later on escalated to him driving around getting cars to chase him as he would notify the world on a mass world wide campaign it was me.


Here is a video showing the Sonata Driving away when I come down the street. They weren’t waiting for anyone but me. Some stranger conspiring with the masses to create endless mental illness and terror to end my life

Watch the video to see them drive away when they see me.

When I parked my car in front of my place of course 2 grey identical Honda civics which has been going on for years, something like 13 years since the day I’ve moved in. and you can see these different civic cars from the Metro complex on tons of other post. Some blue, some grey. Just teams of people for the last 30 years trying to end my life.

P1230160 P1230165 P1230167

And of course, you can see right in front of my gate where I walk out, 2 White Pickup Trucks parked across from each other. This is also a common tactic. they either park one behind the other or across. There are several other cars on the street, using names of cars to send me hidden messages but it is harder to prove.


This is a 30 year Murder campaign, started around the age of 10, with the intent to either remove me from society by making me look crazy, or push me to suicide. It was started with the police and my family making up lies and smear to justify their actions.

These passive aggressive setups to try to provoke me into reactions to set me up endlessly for 30 years have been started by my brother, the rest of my family working with the police for the last 30 years one person sequentially after the next.

I even had a corrupt judge claim I have committed some crime, and I have no civil rights. But like usual, it’s always some crime, and never anything specific. Because they don’t ant me defending myself. They want to make me look paranoid and crazy so they can get what they want becauase they believe the ends justifies the means and they do not care about right or wrong.

Not only have I lived a life of being kinds, generous, friendly and helpful, they paint a picture claiming I am a monster and have done all these things they’ve given the world in secret. Not only is it untrue, but that is why it is in secret. So I can’t defend myself against their world wide smear campaign and witch hunt.

For details on this 30 year terror/Murder campaign you can go to

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