Gang Stalking – 4/28/2014 – METRO neighbors using 2 BMW’s and 2 Mercedes suv’s to create mental illness

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Last night I noticed the Metro people pulled out 2 Bmw’s and parked them next to each other to create mental illness making up lies that I have committed some crime and that they are going to get a confession to find out they claim I’ve committed 1000’s of crimes given out smears to the world claiming I need to be removed from society.

This is just one of their elaborate angles to cover up their real crimes of figuring out ways to make a mass mobbing look justified with the intent to kill or remove from society.

These are the 2 Bmw’s last night.


Today when I came out of my house they moved both Bmw’s to the other side of the street but once again parked them together sending hidden messages directed at me to create mental illness.

P1010182 P1010178

On my way home from work today, I noticed 2 of the Metro neighbors pulled out 2 Mercedes Suv’s with no license plates and parked them next to each other as well.


As you can see, these tactics go on all day and night until I am dead. These are just a few of the tactics they use as it is an all day and night world wide mass mobbing which has been going on since I was 10 years old.

They will make up an elaborate lie, I have done something, then hunt me down, then on to the next lie and the next lie. The actual allegations and lies are just that, lies, and this is why they cannot tell me what this is about. Because how does it look when someone comes up to you with 1000’s of lies especially from the age 10, followed from place to place.

It looks like exactly what it is, a mass smear campaign where I am followed from place to place and hunted as they make up new sets of lies to justify their criminal actions.

For details on this campaign to end my life since I was about 10 years old you can go to

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