Lorena’s and upper management power play to get rid of me today with accusations that I have threatened them

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Today at the Office, Lorena, Fernanda played a power play, once again with their CRY WOLF tactics making up blatant LIES like usual in regards to getting rid of me out of their obsession, hate and rage.

Making false claims as usual that I had somehow threatened them. Once again, nothing SPECIFIC could be told to me, just vague accusations of such like usual.

In regards to some of their previous tactics such as, when replacing the computer monitors, 4 of the employees claimed I had somehow had spy cameras withing these new monitors which is not only absurd, but when asked to show us them. The two monitors which were replaced had a PIP button showing absolutely nothing. The other two employees who made this same claim within minutes, had old monitors which were not replaced. As they clicked the Internet explorer button hoping to trick some non technical people. Continual lies that I am following them around, and even blatant lies that I am spying on their home computers, when they ask me to take a look at them and fix them. Hence a new policy, we do not touch personal equipment.

Elsie has also made various claims of sexual harassment, when never touched or flirted with on any level, as well as accusations I had hit her. The Golden State Office crew working every angle and tactic since I was hired by Lorena Escobar as if some kind of sport to hire me, then mob me to death to leave.

One of Lorena Escobar’s claims has been that I am trying to take over the company. A couple of years back, when she could not manipulate me into taking over the company, nor getting me to have any interest in the medical industry whatsoever, as she got desperate had a friend call me named Debbie Grooveman asking me to fix her computer.

After I was finished fixing her computer and paid, she then told me she wanted to talk to me. As I listened, she told me that she did not like Lorena, and that I should learn the medical industry and take over my fathers company saying that it all would belong to me once he passed away.

I made it clear to Debbie, that not only did I not have interest in taking over my fathers company and the medical industry is not where I see my skills, but in my own projects I am doing for myself. I also told her that whatever my father does with his business, or anything in regards to his will, is not my business as this is his and up to him. As we all know, and any person has the right to do whatever they want with their own money.

One of the issues today was obviously their concern about the video showing them mobbing me as I am creating chaos by showing it. To make this clear. This has been happening since the first hour Lorena Hired me 6 years ago as my fathers X-Limo driver Deon Bush actually overheard her telling the office that I am crazy and they need to do these things to me. Which is kind of coincidental since they are being done to me.

After addressing the issues over and over until the end of time, and told it isn’t happening, for 6 years as people just decided to spin me around and would not address the issue as mass world wide armies were created to end my life and keep me quiet.

Specifics at http://www.KevinPerelmanTarget.com. These issues have been address by me 12 years ago since I found out something was wrong with my life, and I was told I was imagining it.

So nobuddy was going to do a thing but let me die, I had no choice but to expose them for what they are doing. If they claim that the video clip is the problem, and not their criminal actions and behaviors, then they should not be part of society, and we have a thing called jail for those who just decide they go out and kill people or create mental illness, especially in mass world wide mobs all targeting one person in secret.

The video is not the problem, it is PROOF that these people have been working on me since hired with a world wide campaign of something like 1000 harassment’s per day for years to keep me quiet. This is unheard of. And one of the highest crimes ever in a covert stealth fashion to pre-meditatedly and carefully thought out way to end someones existence all thought out to try to control someone.

Due to Lorena’s attempt to setting me up with this tactic and manipulating me into the direction she wants me too so she can smear my name, she still got desperate continuing the same lies to wipe me off the planet whatever her motives are.

Some of their claims are such things as “Kevin is the Doctors son and he thinks he can do whatever he wants” as they HYPOCRITACLY follow me around ruining my life and trying to wipe me off the planet, and cannot tell me one thing I’ve done out of th scope of my job description.

There is nothing I have done out of my roles and responsibilities as I remain with what I was hired to do. Implement, and Keep a good running secured network and that is it. As whenever I am INVITED to lunch, not only do I have no clue of what is what in regards to the medical industry, It has no interest in me whatsoever, as I see bigger and better things, especially for a work comp medical industry which is a dinosaur anyways. But Lorena and crew due to their endless rage believe, If she can’t get what she wants, she will destroy the doctors son in and endless rage.

It takes everyone in a company to make things work, and what Lorena Escobar does not realize is that her action destroy the companies credibility, create chaos, and sink the very ship she wants to steal. She is not a team player, she does not have any type of business qualifications, only covert mental illness tactics.

This really is not my concern unless it affects my personal life, my ability to make money, live my life, and make money in other ways which Lorena has been sabotaging with her, Cry wolf, Cry Wolf, Cry wolf tantrum tactics to get what she wants.

She does not care about right or wrong, she does not care about the companies health, she just cares about what Lorena wants.

After this power play today, once again in my neighborhood, teams of people came out with this scare tactic once again now that she thinks she has leverage over me, to try to thug me out of town. Lorena is a very sick obsessed person.

Personally, if anyone like this who was controlling, manipulating, did not believe in following the law, and tried to make people mentally ill to get rid of them was in my company, not only would they be gone on the spot, but reported to the police instantly.

Lorena cannot come up with any threats I’ve ever made towards anyone, also, what she neglects to PUBLICALLY WORLD WIDE ADVERTISE, is that I have treated each and every employee with respect while she told each and every one in the office to thug me to death, then CRY WOLF, making up lies to justify their actions.


She also is involved in notifying the entire business complex to work on me every way shape and form to create mental illness as well as mass networks around the world in secret.

Lorena is a very sick and demented person. She needs help. She has no concept of right or wrong. All she knows is what she wants and will do anything to get it. And I mean anything, even if it means wiping someone off the map.

She will spend all day having people try to set me up, any way shape and form. Not only this, but she convinces her own family to take part in this type of thuging as a good part of them work for the same company as if this is a high school click, and not about business.

My father does not see what goes on in the office as it is an explosive lawsuit waiting to happen due to hiring uneducated people who have no morals or values to run his operations as they claim they follow people around, and destroying their lives or trying to blackmail them to protect the company.

She is very sick and needs help.

I’m sure by today’s power play she thought I would be quiet about the truth. But I feel the truth, is way more important then what princess Lorena wants.

As she uses these mental illness, and cry wolf tactics with criminal accusations that she spreads around the world to get what she wants she will then tell her targets, like me that I am too sensitive to life, and that things like people trying to make people mentally ill to get what she wants is normal working the thugging control and brain washing tactics.

She has spent years convincing the world of her lies since walking in the door of that office and mostly directed at me with some secret hate and rage.

Today when told that some of her family saw what I wrote, they neglected to say, that they’ve been doing this to me since she walked in the door. And with her “Family” offended, well her family has been working on me since she started spreading the lies and need to address the real issues with her and act like civilized people.

When I come in the office, I sit and mind my own business as she tells person after person one sequentially after the next to attack a man who is just sitting their minding his own business. Their is no justification for it in any way shape and form and the video from my other posts shows just that.

That I am doing nothing but working as she has person after person attack me, then follow me home, and notifying cities to use the same tactics and never stop.

I will not bow down to Lorena and Crews lies, nor will I stay quiet about a crime of this magnitude where she has spend over 20 years destroying my name all across the world with her lies out of anger and rage as I’ve tried to address the issues over and over until the end of time.

When upper management claimed they were quitting, all 3, Lorena, Fernanda, Elsie, truth be told, it is a blessing for my father. Although his fear of instant replacement is a scary move and understood. But honestly, If he wants his business to thrive, he needs to replace those employees with educated people with a vested interest in company involvement in making money, and not trained moronic thug monkey trash which all they know is how to hurt people to get what they want.

Lorena, with this group will make up lies after lie every single time I’m there or fix something using new accusations instead of acting PROFESSIONALY and REASONABLY.

Even when asked to fix computers, after I am done, I am Harassed for making their lives better.

Even last month demanding to get rid of all security and the firewall because of false claims that their employees couldn’t get in from anywhere, which wasn’t needed. When I told them there are technologies that will SECURELY allow them to do this, the issue of needed to do this stopped and was never implemented because it was just an excuse with the many other tactics to get rid of our security.

Not only do we all know that Lorena understands the ramifications of taking out our firewall, And also, when I said I would show her the activity on the firewall, she was not interested in seeing it, but most likely wants outside people in to control people with mental illness tactics which is and always been her motive thinking she is a tough, well rounded business person.

Now I could not give a shit nugget about Lorena Escobar provided that she wasn’t following me around for over 20 years to Oregon, Colorado, and back to California ruining every aspect of my life out of her Hate and Rage.

If she sat in an office, focused on work, and the company, and did it in a legal manor where people such as I weren’t being TARGETED, as she tries to create mental illness, I really could not care what she did as I would do what I always have done and that is focus on my Roles and Responsibilities.

By Lorena introducing me to people like Adriana Olivarez, claiming she and my father wanted me to meet women with ulterior motives for Adriana to befriend try to COLLECT information to publicly destroy my reputation and credibility is a crime alone.

I’ve watched Lorena try to do this over and over throughout the years showing she is a sick demented individual who claims this is normal. Maybe in the movies she watches.

This is a very sick and demented person, and if any of her family and friends are reading this. Don’t get mad at me, deal with her criminal behavior, and don’t as they mobster type say, I got your back.

That shit does not work with me, as we all know, and any decent person knows, it’s about what is right, and what is wrong. And targeting someone who is just trying to implement and maintain a computer network is doing nothing to anyone but helping her out, and getting paid for services as I was hired for my expertise.

I do not know how she has this criminal personality, and I do not know how her own family supports this type of thing. But it’s disgusting, and they all should be ashamed of themselves.

I will not bow down to sickos like this. I will let the world know, just as she has been smearing my name since day one to the world after being hired over 20 years ago, that this is not how people act, behave, and to try to BRAINWASH me into believing that this is how life is to CON me into their illegal activities is a load of shit.

I’ve met prostitutes which were a million times more professional then Lorena Escobar basically meaning, good business is good business no matter what you do. And what she does is covert criminal activities.

When you ask me what side I take, it’s the side of capitalism, making money, good morals and ethics, and those who can work together as a team making money, and not control freak murderers and hobblers like this.

Also, notice that about 6 months ago when cities were told to park cars in spots backwards all directed at me to create mental illness, about 30% of the lot was told to park backwards every day. When I go on my usual days, a large majority are parked backwards, when I go on offdays, not many are.

Normally after I parked backwards once

Contact4 Contact Contact2 Contact3

At this point, they know I know what they are doing so they decided to stop

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