Golden States Sports Medical – Workplace mobbing with the intent to kill

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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Yesterday at 5:03 Valerie, who goes by Val, Because Lorena Escobar in 1994 or around that time was in communication with a Russian Exchange student in Boulder Colorado named Val Morozov, was told to Befriend me, take me to strip clubs and tell the city I was following strippers around. intentionally deletes 8 gb reports data at 5:03 pm. Very weird time to ACCIDENTLY delete a file. Also, has been done before 2 times right after telling lorena about it the next day.

The first incident I cannot remember, but the 2nd incident, I asked Lorena and my father at lunch, why we have a folder named “STAR” where all the employees data and reports were put under.

The next day, someone was told to delete this folder deleting the entire 15 years of company data.

On week days when I am not normally at the office, most of the lot parks the cars normally. On the Mondays, and Thursdays I am there,20 -30% cars backwards.



When I got there this morning, about 5-6 people sitting by me, were working on me every way shape and form possible. 2 – 3 people were constantly humming, non stop for hours, while others worked on consistent mental illness tactics.whistling, singing, mimicking tactics.

When it was time to go to lunch, A cop car was parked in one of the private employee spots which is STRANGE to begin with as a terror tactic while my father and Lorena tried to scare me into most likely anything possible to rid me of the world.


When we went out ot lunch at Maria’s Kitchen, of course the waitress who I’ve never seen before starts harassing me like usual.

While Lorena and my father talk about her Porsche being rear ended again, but looked to me like a bumper tap while who knows, making up stories how the man who hit her from behind was suing her.

Because Lorena was trying to set me up, destroy my life, make me mentally ill, I started talking about the things in the office being done to try to end my life and cover it up. Even in front of Lorena, who is a lieing Murderer and cannot address anything I’ve ever done to anyone because she knows I will call her lies right out.

While at this lunch I began talking about some of my families elaborate smears such as me painting a picture in painting 101 of a devil and it being given to the world that I have psychological problems for the intent to end my life.

I proceed to show my father the videos of what is really going on in the office, and the continual harassment, then claiming I am somehow doing something to these people which is just a coverup to make their actions look legit.

When I get back to the office, A girl Connie, who now instead of trying to provoke me to death remains quiet, while 4 -5 people consistently mob me to death and try to collect reactions to send back to Lorena to use against me. Lorena, at lunch keeps texting Connie, and who knows who else, and when I walk in the office, Connie says

You went to Marias Kitchen? I like that place, I order the Shrimp Diablo”

Sending hinting messages to try to create mental illness related to our conversations.

Gwen, a friend of Patti Googin who was hunting me under Lorena’s orders and worked their when I was in my teens until mid 30’s, was continually singing over and over while everyone else remained quiet while at about 3:00 pm had a meeting with my father and Lorena to try to SCARE me creating the illusion that something might be said. Also, not that it matters that Gwen is friends with Patti because 1000’s of lies have been given to the world in secret anyways.


(Gwen Suazo)

On drive back, father is talking about how tough Lorena is, as if to manipulate me as seeing her as role model. Not only is Lorena the biggest low life scum and coward imagineable, she has not concept of strength, morals, or what is right or wrong, rather only what she wants or can take from people, and has to CONTROL people to feel secure about her life. And if she has to kill them to cover up the TRUTH behind her STALKING and CRIMES, she has no problem doing it, or using others by manipulating them with lies.

Lorena could never be a role model to anyone. She has no business skills, she has no communication skills, she has no qualifications whatsoever. All she knows is trying to thug people to death, and coverup her true motives. As several people in the business have said that “She is just trying to protect the company” by destroying my life on every level, as if sabotaging my life is protecting the company, when I am a separate entity then the company, and anything I do, in my personal life, is not company related in any way shape or form. Or any business I do that is not associated, has nothing to do with them. And by saying she is trying to protect the company by committing crimes, is a blatant lie to get people to do what she wants them to do.

When I get back from lunch, there are only 2 to 3 cars backwards at this point.

 After sitting down, Valerie calls Connie, not me of course, because I made it obvious that 5:03 p.m. Was an odd time to ACCIDENTLY wipe out 15 yrs of reports, Valerie says she can’t log into the system from the outside, I verify her IP address, and it matches and our end is not the problem of course.

But since this is a constant issue, that I’ve tightened security so only specific people can get in by IP addresses, they did not like the policy of the world not having access and kept making blatant claims that by me having their IP address, I am SPYING on them.

I made it clear, that any time someone enters our system, we have logs of their IP addresses, not only that, but by having the address that enters your system has nothing to do with spying, because all you are doing is making sure so and so’s address is allowed in.

This is elaborately turned into SPYING accusations which is Lorena’s favorite 30 year tactic to use on me, spending a lifetime destroying my reputation and credibility out of anger, hate and rage because all she knows is how to control and manipulate people rather then spending a lifetime focusing on bettering herself and learned skills and traits in the work force.

At this point, since the last build of our NAS software was flawed, and we have been having NAS problems, plus syncing Linux active directory with windows active directory is glitchy on this software, when Loydi, Lorena good friend who doesn’t care about right or wrong, only supporting murderers, does the usual, and instead of saying “my computer is asking for authentication” she makes up claims like usual that are clearly accusations. In this case, Her text states “Kevin has blocked me from the system, I can’t work”

197817_10151583165339662_1648166106_n(Loydi Martinez)

After this message is relayed to me, I of course, authenticate the servers so they talk correctly to each other. This is a simple computer IMPERFECTION but of course the employees INTENTIONALLY make up these blatant lies over and over, then give them out to the world with the INTENT to rile up the massas against me in SECRET, then stating this is NORMAL, and I’m imagining it, and am too sensative.

Pat Vilas, from Lancaster who has been working on me since day 1 about 6 years ago and trying to get rid of me with Lorena, then calls Connie stating she cannot find a report of someone with the last name, “Renteria” since last night, I returned a rental car.

When I do a search for the file, it is not in the normal folder called 2013, but a sub folder was created named “Silvia” which would never be there and is also relevant because the night before on social networks I made a joke stating that my cat SILVIA was the only one in my life that acted human.

When I go outside to smoke a cigarette, a ford explorer is parked backwards in the spot, the police oficer was parked watching, and waiting for me.

Because whenever I go places outside my city, groups of people park ford explorers in front of my house to make me mentally ill for trying to live my life claiming I have some “SOMETHING” but won’t tell me what to defend myself against their lies, and have done everything possible to make me mentally ill and end my life.


People at front at this point think I am scared and start working on me again thinking they can control me with Lorena’s black mail tactics. Girl at front desk says “have a good one” one of the common mental illness tactics to make me mentally ill and destroy my life in repetition as we all know.

Then of course a girl walks by and when gets next to me starts playing with hair as they do in the masses to make me mentally ill as well, which are in my tactics list at

As I go to the elevator, a man sees me standing next to it, starts tapping his foot which was this mass group tactics working with Aubrey Fisher to try to end my life.

This is an average day at the office for me as each one of these people who are taking part in Lorena Escobars Murder campaign at Golden State Sports Medical and 30 years following me from place to place having every person imaginable try to set me up, and now she needs to keep it quiet and covered up making it look like I am the problem or she knows she will go to ail for attempted murder.

Lorena also has a girl named Elsie Sandoval, following me around working on me as well, making claims of sexual harassment, and that I hit her, or any lie possible to get rid of me. Or maybe even do it to try to keep me around but say I’m a horrible person and need to be controlled. Elsie is a lying murderer as well, who today, when I asked her if she had a boyfriend starts saying things like, “You don’t want to mess with him” trying to figure out new ways to scare, control or whatever.

(Elsie Sandoval)


She has also continually with Lorena escobar, making false claims over and over to the LAPD to try to figure out ways to rid me of society.

This is just at work, and is significantly worse all over the world being that her campaign is a world wide campaign to end my life in secret since she stepped in the door, 20 years ago, or maybe even before that.

One of their smear tactics is, saying things like, I stay their even though it is like this and I can leave at any time if I’m not happy. What they neglect to say is that they have smeared my name world wide, and this happens at each and every place. But this they will not say, because it is more about making it look like I am the problem to rid me of society out of endless obsession hate and rage,

and then try to cover it up saying I have the problem.

Specific Details on everything at: 

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