Gang Stalking – And even more people with ummbrellas

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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On my way home from work, again today, like the last few days, another set of two people came out with umbrellas within a few miles from my house.

Once again, the tactic of doing things in sequences of two’s to create

mental illness covertly trying to make me look crazy, and rid me of society out of hate and rage with no actual reasoning behind it.

Links to the other days

More details on everything related at:

  1. check out


    • Yes, this is accurate, although I do have to say,
      a civilian taking part and committing these crimes because he is told too, when he could say, this is wrong, and I refuse to take the law in his own hands, is just as guilty even though he’s given false information.

      Even the police last week tried to intimidate me because I gave the news my information which they want secret which they have told the news their lies to keep my situation covered up.

      But your article explains what the government wants to keep secret.


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