Gang Stalking – Cars parking backwards in patterns of two’s

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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As I go the this location on a weekly basis, once the community was notified of my appointments, they decided to park I’d guess 30-40% of the cars backwards in the lots, just as other places are told if I go somewhere, to do this to make me mentally ill.

After calling the bluff, and notifying the person their of these activities, which clearly they already knew about, it immediately stopped and for maybe 3 weeks, no cars were backwards.

After yesterdays elaborate tactics of the people with umbrellas in two’s and and the vw’s waiting at my house in two’s, they decided to put two cars backwards next to each other at my appointment time.

Notice, the entire lot normal minu

s these two cars.  P1080459 P1080457 P1080456 P1080460

More details at:

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