The Perelman Family and Government supported – Worldwide FRUAD accusations in secret aka Propaganda, Smears, Libel, Defamation, Slander DESTROYING my life on every level known to man to stop me from having any sort of life

Posted: June 19, 2018 in Community Mobbing
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Smear Operations to the world to dictate and destroy my life on every level known to man based on such labels as I am a FAKE and a FRAUD

While most people grow up, making friends, learning things, having hobbies, being social, meeting women, figuring out ways to make money, and those who have common sense want to focus on making money on things they relate to, and can enjoy so that life isn’t a miserable experience, and just about making money to survive.

While I am not going to tell you everyone in life gets what they want, most usually veer towards doing things in life they can relate too, or were born with skills that help them achieve this which makes their lives manageable, and they usually finally figure it out and end up in this direction

What is strange about my life is, on every level known to man from the age 5 years old, each and everything I tried to do on any level was sabotaged by the world being fed, lies and disinformation. Normally a Civil Crime, but in this case, it is not only Civil, it is CRIMINAL, since the crime is well thought out with PRE-MEDITATION. MOTIVE, and EXECUTION, based on trying to figure out a way to rid someone of the world in such a way it looks like social pressures just got too large for them and they could not take it any more. Either by trying to get them to kill themselves, or turning them into the Vegas Shooter.

What you need to understand that I had no clue every aspect of my life was being Sabotaged up until 29 years old, Met with Mike Huntley’s Death Threats that he was going to make me mentally ill, with the Police, Government, My Family and Friends, and Worldwide support to remove me from society no matter what it takes. And these Death threats fully supported by the Police as no matter times I went into the Police station across the last 17 years they have done everything to try to make me look crazy and refuse to UPHOLD THE LAW on any level when it comes to Kevin Perelman, and their 40 year extermination operations.

While at 29, noticing mass groups worldwide who wanted me dead, I could not comprehend what was going on. I was Met with Mike Huntley in my office, of a Company he wanted to start with me for an Internet Host Provider back in about 1999 who was introduced to me around the age of 14, originally my brothers friend. Keep in mind that around the Age 16, my brother Threatened my life saying that he and his friends put a teacher in a mental institution, and then proceeded to let me know I was next, by telling me that they have a bug in my room and are listening to everything I do to try to make me look like a Violent Paranoid Schizophrenic, which Ironically my parents and step parents seem to support his BEHAVIORS and don’t want me telling anyone no matter where I am in the world. That comment seemed to have been right after me stopping him from bashing my friend Greg Waugh’s head in with a Crow Bar by jumping in between them, and him first giving me some kind of mobster speech about how blood is thicker then water, and I needed to support him on spying on Greg, and Everything else then the mental illness threats which the Police and Government told him to do with my family for some reason. By defying my family on these types of BEHAVIORS, you can see what my life is now. But more importantly, this really starts at 5 years old by my family trying to use MEDIA to flip me out to tell everyone I am crazy which didn’t work.

So, while after 6 years of a company and being in an office with Mike Huntley, Me being Nice enough to make Bob Sandler a 3rd partner Mike brought in to help make me mentally ill and stalk me. Being Kind enough to allow someone who befriended me with these extermination Agendas named Tim Thompson and giving him free office space in hopes something good could come out of making more money with his skills.

Mike Huntley working with these people, and who was in contact with them across the Internet when the befriended me, went from I am a 25 year friend, to Kevin is a DEAD MAN, or Rid of the World.

The first question I want you to ask yourself how many people you know have been in a situation where someone befriended someone for 25 years stalking and hunting them? That is beyond any level of strange and rare. This man devoted his entire life to me! To end mine.  He was obviously paid to survive by other means. Most likely government money. But where things get even scarier, I can rattle of a list of people a mile long who were working with him doing the same thing.

Tom Farley introduced to me at around 8 years old invested over 30 years hunting me giving every lie to man to the world. Paul Humphrey, 20 years. Brian Longbotham, 15 years. And what is even scarier, they were all using government built Internet based terror tools to communicate starting in 1994. With  the Phone calls by my brother so eager to show me the Internet and Telnet Sessions in it’s beginning stages. Keep in mind, the Internet was Originally a Government Built System before given out to Colleges and the Private Sector.

Some of Mike Huntley’s Death Threats at 29 years old

“You are an out of control for California and a monster”“Its your Behavior”, Whatever that means since i am the only one who is professional and sane around these people who analyze every imperfect hiccup in life. “We are using the system against you”“I’ve given you enough rope to hang yourself with”“Have a good life now”, Dropping papers on my desk about South Korea and making people mentally ill to control them. While walking around our office singing “World of Paranoia” saying“You had better live a careful life” and telling me something while working in my fathers office something like “You are not allowed to defend yourself” he was using references from the movie Crocidile Dundee when I asked what was going on  “ah, back there, if you got a problem, you tell Wally. And he tells everyone in town, brings it out in the open, no more problem:” In other words when ever they didn’t approve of any aspect of my life, lies are given out to the world to dictate my life. Example, if they don’t want me to go out to coffee shops, and be social, or get work done in environment I can benefit from like the rest of the world. Such lies have been given out to the world that I have no self control and am masturbating in the bathrooms. Escalating worldwide terror operations. Was I masturbating in the bathrooms? How would one even know if they were illegally putting spy cameras in the bathrooms to peep on the customers? But the reality of the situation is that, this isn’t one single lie. These lies are in the 1000’s and 1000’s and change on a daily basis and go worldwide INSTANTLY on Government developed Internet Systems built around me for these torture operations to remove me from society.

Now, think about this, the world has been fed lie after lie about me for 40 years. Making them  Believe I am this horrible monster, and reinforcing the lies for 40 years about me to the world

Isn’t the the ULTIMATE LEVEL OF PROPAGANDA. But not only this, it is all in Secret and Behind my back to try to me me look like a Violent Paranoid Schizo with all day and night worldwide attacks that averag 100,000 – 1 mil per day never ending or stopping. And starting at smaller levels of these passive aggressive terror operations as young as 5 years old to try to make me look crazy. Now utilizing Internet Systems built around me stating 1994.

Their is no justification at all for this ever on any level. PERIOD. Unless you support things like Savory, or exterminating Jews. So think about the personality behind my family and their supporters, especially in the Judicial system and Government. A Government who has now thrown me in Maximum Security Prison for speaking out and telling people on false misdemeanors, and has THREATENED to Incarcerate me for life. For simply finding out at 29, the information I know, and telling people verbally. Some were even psychiatrists who THREATENED my life for telling them. Isn’t the a Psychiatrists job? So what do they have to hide?

Basically letting me know he was working with the Police since a young child to hunt me based on Government Flagging operations and Psychological Hate Labels by my family that Kevin is a Violent Paranoid Schizo and has Nervousness problems. FABRICATIONS made up and given to the world to control, and dictate my life, or rid me of the world. Either way, it does not matter because it is illegal and UNCONSTITUTIONAL to target, torture, hunt, rile the world against someone, until he is dead and gone or kills himself based on whatever belief someone has, and when it is coming from the GOVERNMENT level. Now we are talking people in our government like ADOLF HITLER demanding PERFECTION or EXTERMINATION.

These are things that are not normally practiced and so you can imagine how cunning, and demented by own family is. For example, my father had a dog named Rhoda who he put shock collars on due to his inability to communicate. And when it came to me, it was a billion times worse, except it was indirect and stealth in things the normal person cannot even fathom is even possible in mass conspiracies.

Now to give you an idea of the type of person my father is, with the rest of my amily and those helping him. He is the type of person that will keep shocking the dog until it is dead, because the dog didn’t tell him what he wanted to hear. And not only that, he didn’t ask the dog any questions. Then he will tell the world, that the dog has no self control, and shocked itself to death. But he might cover it up by saying the dog suffers from seizures and needs to be put in a cage the rest of it’s like, Kind of like he did to his English Sheep dog Maggie when I was growing up, and thought the dog was crazy because once in a while, she got out, and ran around happy.

You get the idea. You don’t want to be around these abusive types of personalities or you end up dead with a man running around spewing out you were a danger to yourself of others while getting his jollies that he killed someone and got away with it.

And no matter how far away you try to get, he with those helping him, like Lorena Escobar, who is paid to pose as his office manager will follow you to the ends of the planet to make sure he gets what he wants to make you look crazy, and try to get you to kill yourself or some kind of reactions with the police to INCARCERATE YOU FOR LIFE.

It took me about 45 years to be able to comprehend who my father and family is, and the Dynamics of how they use their psychology degree’s working with Government Resources to rid you of the world. And every word of he and my families mouth is how I am a horrible monster, which magically goes WORLDWIDE as to the important questions of what type of person spews out disinformation about someone all day and night worldwide in the first place or any type of information for that matter?

And to give you an idea of their thought process in my family except me, If you get a cold, they will bash your head in with a crow bar for the next 100 years until you get better telling the world you are like this, and can’t see yourself to get the rest of the world to bash my skull in with a crow bar. And if they can’t accomplish that, they will tell the police to lock you away for being who they say you are even though you have a clean record and spent your entire life helping every one in your path being the friendliest person known to man.

Questions no one is asking due to the 40 year of Propaganda and Disinformation to the world on one of the largest crimes against one person in the history of humanity.


  • Arnold interrogating question about gym
  • Arnold interrogating about my art
  • Arnold Interogating about my internet Social life
  • Car out of gas
  • Links to dinse NICE

Combining my social like with Golden State to try to make them look like the same thing



  • Friends
  • Women
  • Building Cars
  • Wrestling
  • College Life
    • Southern Oregon State College
    • University of Colorado
  • Playing Pool
  • Jobs
    • Pool Hall University Colroado
    • Star Auto Haus Mercedes
    • Modern Video Film
    • Thousand Oaks Animation Company
    • Universal Studios
    • Signet
  • Adult Websites
  • Restaurants and Supermarkets
  • Strip Clubs
  • Coffee Shops
  • Psychology Community
  • Internet Host Provider
  • IT Career
  • Web Design
    • Erotic Ranch
    • Tweet-Studio(Vibster)


Now I a,m going to try to explain how they


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