Community mobbing – 10/4/2014 – Using Prius’s to create mental illness

Posted: October 5, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today when coming home around 5 pm, I noticed that on both streets around my complex on culdasacs, 2 women pulled there Prius’s to the end of the street, and just waited at the end. On one street, eventually after about 15 minutes of waiting, as I went to turn around, she then left from the spot she was sitting in, and went into the garage and parked. Showing she was not waiting for any specific reason except to create mental illness.




The next day when leaving my house, I noticed 2 people pulled 2 black prius’s out and parked them together on my street wheere my garage entrance is

P1140755 P1140756 P1140757

Tonight when going to Cofeebean, about 15 minutes after getting there. 2 people arrive in Prius’s in a fairly empty lot.

P1140797 P1140801

These are all day and night mental illness tatics with cars, sentances, people messaging me online. You name it to remove me from society which I found out were going on since the age of about 10 years old to remove me from society from my own family working with the police, social workers and mass world wide communities to rid me of the world. The motive is clear. Try to cause enough emotional pain to get me to do something so they can arrest me, or push me to suicide. They will say whatever lies necessary to use to rile the masses against me claiming I have committed some crime and this is my punishment,

But as we know any riteous murderer will make up whatever they want to justify their actions.

For details on this 30 year world wide murder campaign in secret, you can go to

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