Community Mobbing – 9/11/2014 – Metro Neighbors trying to intimidate me and thug me quiet or to death with intent to kill and blackmail me quiet about their crimes and 30 year involvement to remove me from society

Posted: September 12, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today when coming home from work, I noticed that the METRO neighbors along with their endless attacks with a world wide campaign to end my life in the millions.

Took some cones, and tied them to my car antennae in some kind of blackmail and intimidation tactic.

The Metro neighbors have been Targeting me since I moved into my place 14 years ago and have been working with a mass world wide campaign to make me mentally ill and end my life using covert mental illness tactics with angry world wide mobs to end my life.

They have been working on me all day and night making up claims that it is my fault they are hunting me down making up elaborate justifications of things that don’t exist.

We all know that even if their lies were true, they still would not be justified in murder showing they are lying hypocrites. Because if what they say I’ve done, which I don’t know what that is, is true, then the police would arrest me and I’d go on trial for these imaginary crimes.

Knowing that they know they are liars, the take the law in their own hands started by my own family since I was 10 on a mass 30 year campaign to end my life using psychological warfare tactics using their own psychology PHD’s.

The motive is clear. Terrorize me with psychological warfare tactics working with the police, social workers, and communities to try to either push me to suicide by severe isolation, torture using passive aggressive tactics, until they can try to push me out of control with the police, then arrest me, or the ulternative, push me to suicide.

While over 21 psychologists/psychiatrists have been involved in working with the police to do this. One of the first ones was my own mother working with the police using her own psychology degree started at the age of 10.

Pictures of just one of today’s attacks here

P1130942 P1130943 P1130951 P1130960 P1130965

For details on this mass 30 year murder campaign, you can go to

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