Community Mobbing – 9/20/2014 – Metro neighbors using Civics and Camery’s to in patterns to create mentail illness with intent to kill

Posted: September 21, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Yesterday, leaving my house, I noticed that the Metro neighbors started telling everyone in their complex to pull out their honda civics again and start parking them in patterns when I come and go from my place to create mental illness.

When I left my place, I notice 4 civics parked where my car was


P1140249 P1140251 P1140255 P1140256 P1140258


Tonight when coming home, next to the gate where I enter my place, there were 2 identical gray civics


P1140300 P1140302


And across on the other side of the street, where 2 toyoya camry’s

P1140305 P1140307 P1140309

They usual start parking the camry’s to create paranoid schitzofrenia, when I go out on photo shoots. Parking cars with names to send hidden messages to create mental illness. What would be known as Ideas of references which is a type of schitzofrenia showing that they are infact trying to intentionally create mental illness to remove me from society and try to make me look crazy or mentally ill.

These tactics have been going on starting around 10 years old, with my own family working with the police, social workers, and the masses to rid me of the world as they make random claims that I am crazy, violent, and have no self control using the, he’s a danger to others or himself as leverage to head up their 30 year campaign to rid me of the world from nothing more then their hate towards me.

These masses are working with the police and the police have done everything to try to threaten or terrorize me quiet for speaking out.

The cars are just an example of what is done with everything from sentences, objects, mimic tactics, you name it to try to make me look crazy.

For details on this mass world wide 30 year murder campaign you can go to

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