Community Mobbing – 7/2/2014 – other endless mental illness tactics

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Aside from my last post, there was a lot more going on.

When I walked out of my house this morning to go to my car. First, I noticed the 2 Honda Civics Parked together, once again to create mental illness.

P1070565 P1070561 P1070562 P1070564

I then noticed as I walked by one of my cars, someone put trash on the window, which I took this picture later when I came home at night.


On the main street, not only did I notice car after car making U turns at my street, but I was 2 people walk to my street, when they got to it turn around and walk the other way and I’m guessing people were told to do this all day to create mental illness in groups. I only got a couple of pictures of this.

P1070529 P1070531 P1070506 P1070516

On my way home, after my appointment, when getting food, someone saw me and put their foot out their car which was an older tactic and when I took the picture they knew to immediately take their foot down so they knew what they were doing.

P1070689 P1070694

A week Prior man waiting for me to get home in an audi doing the same thing


When I get home, aside from the other things going on I posted in last blog, 2 people pulled out black pickups on my street, and another man was just waiting on my street screwing around on his phone.

P1070736P1070809 P1070802

This is an all day and night world wide mental illness campaign to end my life or remove me from society started by my family working with the police. Of course I will be told this is perfectly normal and how life, or it is my fault,  is to try to give me disinformation or brain wash me into doing what they want me too. For details, you can go to

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