Community Mobbing – 6/30/2014 – Metro Neighbors use 2 Honda Civics and 2 People come out with dogs to create mental illness on the way to work

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today when leaving my house, I notice to Honda civics parked across from each other. Normally they are parked next too each other, but other cars they usually park across like this, to create mental illness to try to remove me from society.


This is a common tactic is you read all my other blogs you will see this all day and night going on a 30 year campaign to create mental illness to remove me from society.

Also, 2 people came out walking dogs at the same time. At one point, they would be notified when I was coming home and come out in teams to try to create mental illness, but today came in in 2’s

P1070414 P1070423

This is an all day and night ongoing mental illness campaign since I was 10 years old with the intent to try to either push me out of control to get me to do something they can put me in jail, or push me to suicide started by my own family working with the police.

For details on this mass world wide terror campaign you can go to

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