Government trying to harass me quiet about their 30 year crimes using parking enforcement

Posted: April 17, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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The parking enforcement keep coming by and giving me parking tickets. You know, those little things to drive you crazy.

Well, one can say their are laws, and so parking enforcement can come by if your 72 hrs past, or too far from the curb, etc.

And that is the law and I have no problem with that.


My question is this to Officer Dickens, and Officer Flores who keep giving me tickets for those little things that don’t matter.

Why haven’t they given any of the other cars tickets? in the 13 years I’ve been here, I’ve only seen 1 or 2 other tickets.

Not only this, But those cars sitting in front of my house one sequentially after the other, most with hidden messages directed at me to create mental illness. Why haven’t you given them tickets parked for week, and sever up to 4 months in a row.

The ford Ranchero, or the Jeep Cherokees which never move for months at a time. Why are these people not getting tickets?

this is because this isn’t about due process. This isn’t about right or wrong.

It is about me speaking out for what they have done to my life.


Clearly, with spewing 1000’s of lies to the world in secret, not letting me defend myself with the truth. This is about trying Blackmail me quiet or terrorize me quiet about the endless people they have sent after me to end my life.

But I will never stay quiet. They have committed the highest crime possible. First, they wanted to remove me from society because they didn’t trust me or like me. And when I found out, they headed up a mass world wide mental illness and terror campaign to end my life covering up all the people they sent after me to try to set me up. And when they couldn’t set me up, they started making up lies that I somehow did something to these people and committed crimes.

This is nothing but a terror and murder campaign so the police and everyone involved try to coverup their mass worldwide terror campaign to end my life.

For detailed information on the LAPD and the police spending 30 years to end my life and silence me about their murder campaign go to


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