Gang Stalking – 4/15/2014 – METRO complex neighbors still using trucks in 2’s to create mental illness

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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As you saw yesterday, the metro neighbors were using 2 black pickups, today, they are using 2 white pickups parked togethor




This is a continual 30 year campaign these terror tactics started by my family when I was about 10 years old claiming I suffer from anger and rage and need to be removed from society.

Some of their tactics are having my own brother continually run up behind me bash me in the back of the head or slick me in the ear endlessly until I react then claiming I am an angry kid.

Others were having my friends beat up kids in High School, then tell the principle I did it.

This campaign is world wide with police support to either covertly remove me from society by trying to push me out of control then have the police arrest me to put me in jail, or end my life by pushing me to suicide.

There is no crime I’ve done, and even if their was, they could use the due process and the justice system to arrest me, but since their is nothing I have done, they tell me I’m imagining it, while hunting me down for the last 30 years.

For details, you can go to:

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