Gang Stalking – More people with Volkswagen’s following me around trying to create mental illness

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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After the other day, After leaving my office and coming home, while the community was notified of my daily locations and activities which is done all day and night on a mass neighborhood watch group for the sole purpose to create mental illness and put me in the ground,

People were notified that I was on my way home and had 3 Volkswagen’s with people in the waiting at my entrances to try to create mental illness. This is a common daily tactic.

More here with video:

The next night, Two people parked more Volkswagen’s on my street to create mental illness. Image

This is a common tactic and is done all day and night from person to person, neighbor to neighbor.

These are elaborate tactics to create paranoid schizophrenia outlined in my tactics of what these people have been doing to me and my life for over 30 years to end my life.

I’m assuming they use the patterns of two’s tactic because one car wouldn’t send that covert hidden message, but while they park cars like this all day and night, or use specific cars trying to create what’s known as Ideas of references, A type of schitzofrenia to send hidden messages to create mental illness.

For example, Right after I purchased a camera online, the next day, teams of people were parking Toyota Camry’s on my street to send me messages to try to make me mentally ill. This is one of 1000’s of tactics used all day and night on me to end my life with full world involvement started at childhood from a mothers RAGE who is not mentally competent as well as being a psychologist as well.

Details on reports, tactics, people involved at

  1. […] Gang Stalking – More people with Volkswagen’s following me around trying to create menta… […]


  2. Amy says:

    Hey, I am one of them too a target. Is there anyway for me to hear you, who is doing this? You probably can hear me. Look I can write up police reports for you and you could do it for me. Im trying to get other people to help me out, because they have me under seige right now with weapons. Im trying to get restraining order civil harassment protection orders but it might be too late, for our government and am trying to leave the country. Im trying to get some of my friends who do it to file a report on other gang stalkers that arent so mean for drugs, weapons or writing the report up for me that I was harassed, because I CANT, but I KNOW who the bad ones are and so do they.


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