Volkswagen’s waiting at entrances for me to come home or leave

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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For the last few days if I leave, or when I come home form work, Volkswagen’s with people waiting in them will be at my entrances to my place or next door just sitting and waiting in their cars to try to create paranoia vAdd Mediaideo shows my going to gates on both sides of complex while vw’s are waiting at each entrance. There is also a 3rd at another complex entrance, but he left before i could get video.

This is me coming home from work where people were notified to sit and wait when on my way home to create mental illness which is a tactic my brother and friends have been working on for years since childhood, for some reason using Volkswagen’s. Notice that there are people waiting in the cars and they aren’t just parked.

This tactic has been on going my entire life. I have no clue what my demented families problem is with Volkswagen, or bmw’s, or porches for that matter, but they’ve used these cars to have people try to send covert hidden or subliminal messages to create messages. But then again, why does a family spend their entire life hunting down their son turning the world against him trying to make him mentally ill and kill him. These are reasons only a psychotic murderer would know and it really wouldn’t make much sense to anyone rational anyways, hence why I can’t understand what my families problem is in the first place because most normal rational people don’t do things like this in the first place, and if there is an issue, address it or move on.

Also, last week when picking up a lens at Harry’sCamera, there was a person waiting for me to get their after calling parked backwards watching me

Harry’sPhoto And Video

  (818) 763-975011851

Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California 91604, US

Especially in patterns of two’s

I noticed lately right after going to an appointment with a therapist that this started escalating to make me sick to try to blackmail me and create mental illness to try to keep me from talking about whats going on in my life and being done to me. From the first appointment I noticed these people waiting in front of my house trying to scare me quiet about their mass murder campaign.

For example, when I was in High School, my brother sent two people after me at the same time. Ones Name  was Paul Humphrey,  A high school friend of his little brother befriended me working with another one of his friends Mike Huntley.  Both of them drove Volkswagen beetles and were both befriending me and working together to end my life with my brother being the leader of this mass group to smear my name and try to end my life. These  two people devoted from the age of 14 to 30 years old working on me all day and night building mass terror armies working with my brother and family to end my life. My brother would go out running cars off the road. And one of the cars he said he ran off the road was a VW as well.

I have no clue why my brother choose Volkswagen, or German cars, but on that note, I have no idea why my brother at the age 12 or so was telling me things like he has a bug in my room, and he’s listening to everything I do on the radio, while trying to do everything possible to create paranoia to make me mentally ill, and when he couldn’t using the rest of the world to help. After turning 30, I noticed people were actually using their internet radio shows as well as love line to send messages directed at me to create paranoid schizophrenia tactics.

The strange thing is, while he approaches people and tells them to help make me mentally ill and end my life, for some reason people are actually listening to him, and helping.


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