2/9/2022 – The Jason Perelman Chase Or Be Chased Eradication Tactics with minute by minute WORLDWIDE mobbing attacks as setup attempts and frame jobs for 45 years now

Posted: February 13, 2022 in Community Mobbing

I start in talking about my brothers childhood abuse to try to make it look like I’m doing something to him to try to FORCE ME INTO A MENTAL INSTITUTION with my father starting around 5. Now with WORLDWIDE minute by minute provokings, and random strangers over and over my entire life trying to make it look like I’m stalking them. This is met with endless attacks to try to make it look like I’m ENRAGED and HUNTING people as COVERUPS for government FLAG and EXTERMINATION operations with my father. It never stops, it never ends. Minute by minute now since I was 5 years old after my father showing me the movie Wizards in 1977 by Ralp Bakshi met with endless other try to make Kevin Look like he conforms to media tactics http://www.KevinPerelmanTarget.com

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