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Posted: January 27, 2022 in Community Mobbing

Well this is kind of a Joke. But what’s going on here is the Neighbors keep calling the Police on me for little things no one could care less about so the Neighbors can let them in the gates to my complex.

In this case, they didn’t like my Disco Light. But what was really going on was the Police and Neighbors are trying to figure out how to make it look like I’m crazy and can’t take care of myself.

So they try to get the Police over to peak in my windows trying to get whatever they can to work on my CREDIBILITY and also INTIMIDATE me.

Hoping they can find something to use against me.

I know what your thinking. Labeling people as crazy and HUNTING people while trying to get COVER UP dirt is the crime of all crimes. They might as well say “Kevin Perelman is Jewish, we need to KILL the Dirty Jew” because even if someone were to be CRAZY or SUFFER from mental illness. That is not a CRIME and has nothing to do with the Police.

In retrospect, Well Kevin Spoke with Melody the Stripper when he was 16, he needs to die. Kevin was a Pool Player, he needs to DIE!

Also, in this case the HOA with the Police are paying off CityGuard Security Company to HUNT and STALK me to try to silence me. I have on video Rotating WORLWIDE security Companies Hunting me. And this all starts when I was about 5 years old in my fathers HATE for his 5 Year old

This has nothing to do with crime. Only HATE! and BILLIONS of GOV Dollars behind it!

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