Person with Red Cherokee Writes Sick Parking on my car

Posted: July 3, 2020 in Community Mobbing

This is an example of what has been going on since 5 years old starting with my mother, father, and brother, then going from stranger to stranger WORLDWIDE!

In 1991 I went off to Sourhern Oregon State College. Several People were sent after me to have me KILLED working with the Police and Government which had always been going on.

One name was Kelly Hatch told to follow me up from Calabasas High to Southern Oregon State College. Another one was Eric Christianson, from Alaska at Southern Oregon State College working with the Sandiego Police Depoartment. They were and still are endless others.

While the context of this siutation similar to these minute by minute non stop mental bludeonings to have me KILLED or LOCKED away with MENTAL ILLNESS labels as COVER UPS is that they are working on me in every parking lot in the world with car tactics to send me IDEA OF REFERENCE messages to try to make me look like a VIOLENT PARANOID SCHIZO.

Cars parked backwards, the more obvious, cars in pairs of 2’s 3’s or large groups backwards. People told to honk their alarm horn 2 times when they see me. And 1000’s of others on every level imagineable to have me EXECUTED or LOCKED away for no reason whatsoever. And at 29, me finding out by Mike Huntley a 15 year friend paid off to have me KILLED. Sent into my life when I was about 14 years old.

These Government KILL TACTICS went in effect once I turned 5 years old now somehow convincing a planet full of people to help the cover up child molesting with psychological torture ops

This is an example of these minute by minute WORLDWIDE kill operations in which they don’t think is WRONG! and are trying to convince me and the world that this is somehow my fault with their hourly changing lies to the world.

My World Wide Targeting info

For access to all the raw data on the last 17 years of daily stalking’s to me: – Victoria Walker and Michael Bialys sent after me by the government, Brian Longbotham, in all sorts of operations from my father putting the bullet hole in his 300e with the policFore, to endless other ones Aubrey Fisher Stripper/Hostess sent after me working on all sorts of angels how I supposedly ruined her life by tapping my foot around her, with worldwide retaliation and government resources why she kept calling me up asking me for help as she was hunting me down working with Tom Farley – Connected to a girl named Melissa Detwiller sent after me – Victoria Walker working some kind of Fraud Angle with a porn star named Lisa Ann Against me when asking me to build her the site – Hustler girl sent after me by Tim Thompson trying to reel me into some Gene Simmons hotel spy camera scam which they were trying to frame me for

Most these people were approached beforehand and were working on me with every angle and tactic known to man to remove me from society. It got a lot worse once Rodie Morales was sent after me because my family didn’t approve of these sites, and he was working endless strip club and gym frame job operations as punishment for living my life

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