10/23/2019 – Aubrey Fisher – Heather’s – Societal Physics – Pool and Wrestling – World of Warcraft – Scroggins and karine echigian – More Distance Angrier they get

Posted: October 24, 2019 in Community Mobbing

– heather from yankee doodles and aubrey
– societal pysics – cant happen
– playing pool and joining wrestling team is somehow a crime
– mike Huntley, world of Warcraft kill ops with Elsie Sandoval
– whats being done to my life is designed to ratchet down get worse and worse even on medication
– why is my family so mad since i was 5
– 6 therapists in transcript
– Scroggins and karine echigian
– Father/family getting angrier the further I move away from them or distance myself
– Roomates as spies
psych community cover-ups

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