10/16/2019 – Psychological Rehabilitation – Santa Monica Pier – Work In Progress

Posted: October 26, 2019 in Community Mobbing

10/16/2019 – Psychological Rehabilitation – Santa Monica Pier – Work In Progress

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While I am only 60% complete with this. I wanted to get what I started online in case I get DIVERTED with the mass mental illness attacks or something were to happen to me before I complete it.

They use this TERROR DIVERSION on each and everything I try to accomplish in life to try to make me look crazy, or like I suffer from mental illness to figure out how to lock me away out of some kind of Adolf Hitler, Insecurities, Anger, Hate and Rage Directed at me

This is a Artistic comical spoof based on all the horrific events and accusations and things being done to my life which are so ABSURD that they don’t make sense.

This gets the point across in a dramatized message about what is and has always been done to my life.

While this is comical in nature. It shows that I don’t suffer from the daily changing LABELS the Psychology Community keeps throwing on me to CONTROL every minuet detail about my life.

But in the end, the AGENDA is to remove me from society with the Police and Government, no matter what it takes since 5 years old.

I talk and joke about some of the things and dramatize the events like they do, to show that their arguments are of things that no one could care less about, and they are just trying to get whatever they can use against me since 5 years old to JUSTIFY these Government FLAGGING and ERADICATION operations.

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