9/28/2019 – The Brian Longbotham Paparazzi Tactic Explained to ERADICATE my kind

Posted: September 29, 2019 in Community Mobbing

This is the Brian Longbotham Paperazzi tactic telling the world I am a paparazzi who is harassing the world with my camera because my family and the Government is mad at me for getting into photography on these hourly changing similar events from thing to thing which is obviously not about anything but my EXTERMINATION

A person sent after when I was at University Of Colorado when I wanted to get into 3D Animation and Visual FX

Brian worked on me for a good 10 years trying to have me KILLED or ERADICATED with the Government. Working on jobs for Universal Studios, on frame job operations, and endless other ones for the entire Period I was working with him. And after we became friends.

Some of the people he sent after me Were Victoria Walker, And Lawyer Micheal Bialys who befriend me and were hunting me down for years.

Victoria walker even poked her snake head out of the hole 18 years later right before the 2016 arrests, claiming I have killed someone, and am the next unabomber with Lead Officer Sean Dinse.

My World Wide Targeting info


Kevin Perelman Target: https://www.youtube.com/KevinPerelmanTarget/videos
Kevin Perelman Target Video Blog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5-3YjFzP-17YjjmkpVX98Q/videos

For access to all the Raw data on the last 17 years of daily WORLDWIDE stalking’s to me:

Some of my Artwork which is being used against me:
My Google +
My Photography – Youtube

Some of the Public Corporations Places Paid off to have me killed for what I know

PorfolioBox: http://kevinperelmanphotography.portfoliobox.net
One Model Place: https://www.onemodelplace.com/photographers/kevin-perelman
IStudio: http://www.istudio.com/28336
Deviant Art: https://www.deviantart.com/vertigo262/gallery/66835228/Artwork-that-Incriminates-my-father-and-his-Crimes

Golden State Sports Medical Murder Operations https://t.co/iemyG8NzyG

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