1/30/2019 – Two Police Setup Attempts back to back Starbucks and Coffeebean

Posted: February 8, 2019 in Community Mobbing
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On this Long Version, I also Talk About the Blake Mitchell, Nikki Delano, Tia Cyrus, and the Movie Knock Knock, and the association with the Adult Industry, Main Stream Industry, and Worldwide Murder Operations to try to make me look like a Violent Paranoid Schizophrenic linking back to my father and brother to have me killed

Short Version

On 1/30/2019 – I stopped at Starbucks for 10 minutes to get some coffee. While like normal, mass groups showed up passive aggressive provoking me and attacking me with the Police Instantly showing up to try to set me up

The next night 1/31/2019 at Coffee Bean the same things happened, which has been done all day and night 24/7 for the last 18/40 years. With Police Presence as well

When they couldn’t get the reactions they wanted, A Security Person came out of a building going ballistic to try to cover up their 40 year Murder Operations working with my Father Ronald Barry Perelman, M.D. with his Golden State Sports Medical Paying off Lorena Escobar, one of many to have me killed with the Police for what I know.

In this instance the Security person going Ballistic and Exposing themselves all on video. The entire setup operations with Police Presence paid off to have me killed

My World Wide Targeting info


Kevin Perelman Target: https://www.youtube.com/KevinPerelmanTarget/videos
Kevin Perelman Target Video Blog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5-3YjFzP-17YjjmkpVX98Q/videos

For access to all the Raw data on the last 17 years of daily WORLDWIDE stalking’s to me:

Some of my Artwork which is being used against me:
My Google +
My Photography – Youtube

PorfolioBox: http://kevinperelmanphotography.portfoliobox.net
One Model Place: https://www.onemodelplace.com/photographers/kevin-perelman
IStudio: http://www.istudio.com/28336
Deviant Art: https://www.deviantart.com/vertigo262/gallery/66835228/Artwork-that-Incriminates-my-father-and-his-Crimes

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